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What would you like the legacy for the band to be, besides one of the best heavy metal bands, ever?

-A good, honest live band. ~Steve Harris bassist of Iron Maiden

I am an 80s junkie! I love metal! Not a big thrash or death metal guy though. (Not a big fan of rap either) However, my tastes are constantly evolving and I am slowly becoming more and more musically rounded. And I am absolutely much more musically tolerant than I was before I used this site.

I also have learned throughout my exploration of music that there is no such thing as the accursed "One Hit Wonder" Unless it's a collaboration of awesomeness such as Hear' n Aid's "Stars". RIP Dio \m/

Higher-pitched vocals are what I generally prefer. Bruce Dickinson is my All-Time Favorite vocalist. You'll notice that my ratings are pretty skewed in the positive ranking direction. That is because while I do explore music, I don't purposefully seek out artists that I know I won't like and downrate music that may otherwise have a higher rating. Everyone has a sound they appreciate. I try to expand my horizons while also not popping outside my own personal bubble. Though I may be open to sampling some artists that I have grown to dislike and give them a shot in the future...

I also rate a lot of singles. And for the most part, I won't listen to singles unless I know I'm gonna like the band. So that certainly contributes to my skewed ratings as well.

My goal once I get older and I have my own place is to start collecting vinyls and albums. I really want to build a collection up of my favorite bands. And if I'm really lucky, get autographed copies of them as well.

Oh, and most of my profile pictures are of my bae Susanna Hoffs of The Bangles. I'm a little obsessed when it comes to her music. Definitely one of the artists who acquiring autographed vinyls would be a dream come true. And if they're not of her, then it's of Coraline! Love that movie.

Singles Ratings Explained:

5.0 means that the single is one of my all time favorites!

4.5 means the single is super catchy but I can't bring myself to call it a favorite... yet

4.0 means that the single is super catchy but may be held back by the B-Side

3.5 means that the single is really good.

3.0 means that the single is ok.

2.5 means that the single is just not for me.

2.0 means that the single is not good.

0.5 means that the single is horrible.

p.s. My genres listings above may be off a bit but there are so many sub-genres you can put a band into and I wanted to make it easier to classify the bands into broader categories. And yes there will be some repeating bands because putting them into one category almost isn't fair. And magnum opus are my favorite bands ever in descending order. Maiden is always #1! \m/ Up the Irons!\


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  • dobrov_vlad 2017-07-06 11:54:25.471092+00
    Oh you made a good choice! ;) Just noticed that Sophie Ellis-Bextor is among your favorites, very pleased to know about it. I also like her.
    Ryan Gosling is one of the best actors of our generation (along with Leonardo DiCaprio I think))
    Being a Refn fan, of course I know this fact. Was surprised that his eye problem largely determined the creativity.
    I've already watched The Neon Demon 4 times and I'm sure will watch this movie more. Very intrigued by your review on Baby Driver – can't wait to see it!
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  • ForeverTreesGreen 2017-07-06 19:46:22.606128+00
    I barely watch any films! I don't have much time plus I dislike the fact you can't connect with characters in films usually anywhere near as much as with TV shows. The idea of falling in love with a film's soundtrack though is really neat, I've done it a few times. With video game soundtracks too!

    Sadly I'm nowhere near as much of a Sia fan as you are. I like her and can agree that she is really talented but her newer songs in the 2010's largely leave me cold, although I thought the 1000 Forms of Fear album had some good tunes. It's just her voice, especially extremely recently, really annoys me. She's still talented technically but the diction, the pronunciation and overwrought nature of her singing is so annoying to me. Sorry dude. "Chandelier" and "Breathe Me" are classics but songs like "The Greatest" and that Stargate song she did really annoy me.

    As for stuff I'm listening to, nothing concrete. I'm trying to get my unrated albums list down to 0 I haven't heard before so I can re-listen to albums more often. There's too many good things out there, that cannot be said enough haha. Trying out Dokken though, good power metal there.
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  • ForeverTreesGreen 2017-07-06 20:30:04.492751+00
    Haha, idk, I've barely played any of their music so it vaguely sounded and looked like power metal to me. Of course you're the power metal expert, not me. :D
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  • dobrov_vlad 2017-07-07 09:50:59.859336+00
    Thank you for the reviews! I really like your way of thinking )
    As far as Gosling & DiCaprio are concerned, I suppose the best movies starring them are Only God Forgives and The Wolf of Wall Street respectively. If you haven't watched the second one, I strongly recommend it cause the film is a great fun indeed!
    Thanks for your recommendation, I'm definitely going to watch Baby Driver. Almost immediately understood that you meant it, not Drive ) But I'm also waiting for some Cannes premieres (The Killing of a Sacred Deer and Happy End, why not?)) and from other festivals. Hope it'll be a big year!
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  • jrs15 2017-07-07 21:46:00.186198+00
    Cool! I thought you would like them, so i thought i'd suggest them. haha
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  • pjflynn 2017-07-10 17:52:11.504061+00
    Rate your favourite David Bowie songs for my fans chart!

    Hey, I got bored so decided to create a 'RATE YOUR: greatest David Bowie songs' list.

    Give me your top 10 in order to be scored as follows: Your position 1 song gets 5 points; positions 2 to 4 get 4 points each; positions 5 to 7 get 3 points each; positions 8 to 10 get 2 points each. 

    I’ll add these to the running grand total, and will update the list very regularly so check back for updates. 

    Hope to hear from you!
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  • DippoMagoo 2017-07-10 19:27:57.122252+00
    Yep! I actually started working on mine as a test (it won't be published for quite a while yet) and my one problem is I already encountered cases where I have favorite songs from albums I haven't heard in full, and lack the motivation to give said albums a full listen, so trying to arrange it wil be tricky. Thankfully, though, more often than not my favorite songs do come from albums I know. The best case is when I have a few favorites from albums I didn't rate that high, so I can demonstrate that I can have well loved songs even on albums I don't care much for overall. That's always fun.
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  • DippoMagoo 2017-07-10 23:13:37.04455+00
    Well, mine sure is looking massive: 13 bands in, and it looks like I'm not even halfway through the A's yet, lol! I already having a working format that's easy to work with and looks great, so that won't get in the way, at least.
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