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  • misterie 2017-02-19 05:08:00.395066+00
    honestly i had the same problem with dead as dreams. i got back into listening to it and remembered how good certain parts were, but ultimately i just couldn't keep up with it... i dont even know if i'd say it's a bad record at all, or that it's the album's fault, but i just am so not into metal anymore like i used to be. and weakling's vocals are so depressive and ghoulish and just... yeah. i just can't get into that darkness like i used to. i guess im a pussy hehe. but i find myself preferring soft, dreamlike music now most of the time

    thanks man, and glad to know you're still digging EWS, it's probably one of if not THE most re-watchable film(s) out there, so yeah. i could probably link you to 1000+ different analyses, i've just read like every single fucking thing published on it or on the internet. but yeah i certainly agree, i have viewed it from the beginning as more a sociological film than a psychological one so to speak. i mean i think kubrick was almost always working in that vein, interested in the darkness of Power and of patriarchy, EWS is just the film where it all comes together finally in a really potent and more obvious way due to the story. it's really an insidious film in a lot of ways in terms of what it's saying, it has some dark corners implying dark things, and you never can dismiss it as just reading too much into it or whatever because kubrick really would load up his films with all sorts of odd and perturbing details.

    i'm doing okay, nothing particularly noteworthy really. just kind of tired. struggling to pay my student loan debts etc, kind of sucks. how about you, anything new? i guess we can communicate via pm from now on tho
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  • ... 2017-02-27 08:05:19.438379+00
    The insomnia problems are a new thing, but the worst is probablyover, although the human body has the irritating ability of remembering and copying previous responses to stress. I'm actually okay right now: some flare-ups here and there, but sleep issues are common and won't kill you. They're mostly just really boring and demoralizing. I overreacted like any good yuppie in crisis-mode, so I've retooled my diet and now practice mindfulness meditation, take a bunch of herbal stuff that probably doesn't do anything, and slow my roll in the evenings listening to Bob Marley and classical music and NPR. Love the smug weenie NPR voice. Love the soothing sound of normality.

    I'll send you a PM in a bit about some more personal stuff. It's not juicy or anything, but it's probably better not being public.
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  • ... 2017-02-27 08:23:20.284361+00
    Stardust Crusaders is a lot of fun so far. Also more macabre than I expected. Took me a while to warm up to Jotaro though. Joseph's a tough act to follow, but Jotaro was edgelording pretty hard in the beginning, yelling at his mom and stuff. Anyway, I like his dope hat, and I smile like a goon every time he does that ORAORAORAORA move.

    Haven't been feeling anime as much recently. Infantilism was an old crutch of mine, and now it doesn't feel like luxury I can indulge in anymore. Also kinda hard to watch the cute girl shit without feeling like a Neo-Nazi. Used to be able to handwave away the objectionable content, but now that stuff seems a lot grosser and more threatening. Should probably tread more carefully from now on.
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  • misterie 2017-03-24 13:42:06.825121+00
    woah i had no clue dave chappelle had this big 2-part new standup special, and on netflix... wtf. what didn't you like about it? do you feel hes kinda lost his touch basically or are you not really a big fan in the first place? i havent seen a lot of his recent standup but its mixed, some is creative and good, some is just lazy and like hes just sitting/standing there putting no effort in and improvising but in a bad, boring way like he seems unprepared, whereas his best standup was always loose and unpredictable but still well structured and thought-out
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  • lookAghost 2017-03-30 13:04:17.002794+00
    vv it's because he bulked up
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  • mookid 2017-04-05 21:16:40.132492+00
    how do you have like 5 times as many favs as amount of reviews.... that's an amazingly consistent ratio my son
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  • beautifulideachild 2021-12-01 02:23:22.479287+00
    whatcha been playing?
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  • beautifulideachild 2021-12-01 02:23:29.318288+00
    i really want the m2 ports for ps4 but they never go on sale and i have so much shit to play already.
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