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Sun Tzu II | Thomas Pynchon Jr. | K. A. Applegate's nephew

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Postal²: Paradise Lost 2024-01-24T18:33:38Z
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Thinkin' Things Collection 2 2023-10-13T05:10:35Z
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End of Sonic Inflation 2023-10-04T18:25:08Z
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Star Wars: Battlefront 2023-10-04T18:25:05Z
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The gaming industry and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.

I only rate games I think are worth talking about. I've played (not beaten) the following consoles libraries in their entirety: 2600, 3DO, 5200, 7800, Arcade (MAME 0.223), CD-i, ColecoVision, DS, Dreamcast (best console), Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Color, Game Gear, GameCube, Genesis (plus 32X/CD), Intellivision, Jaguar, Lynx, Master System, N64, NES, Neo Geo Pocket (plus Color), PS1, Pokémon Mini, SG-1000, SNES, Saturn, Supervision, TurboGrafx-16 (plus SuperGrafx/CD), Virtual Boy, and WonderSwan (plus Color). I've been considering spending a significant amount of time playing every PS2 and Wii game but, past that, games after the early 2000s bloat their length with cutscenes, tutorials, bad dialogue, and not revealing the full game for potentially hours with terrible pacing, so it's just not really worth it to me. Compare that to Deathsmiles where you're playing the most manic arcade game of your life within about 30 seconds, and that's the norm for the entire console library.

If a game isn't good after an entire Saturday afternoon of playing it, it's not worth playing.

Vince McMahon, Directed by David Lynch


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  • 666LILGILGAMESH666 2023-09-12 10:08:09.572428+00
    I first played thinkin things 2 in a music class in elementary school in the late 90s. those were special times. I often come back to the ost a lot too, even if theyre repetitive loops.
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  • illusionsofgranger 2023-09-20 18:46:09.097158+00
    mortal kombat 1 opinion?
    • DomMazzetti 2023-09-20 22:56:33.662542+00
      It's the first one.
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  • henryvines 2023-10-06 07:11:43.050751+00
    Fancy seeing you here
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  • henryvines 2023-10-08 15:29:50.662287+00
    As a man who knows substantially more about metal gear than me (who has only sunk any quantifiable amount of time into V), should I get the new master collection Vol 1 for PS5? The price isn't super concerning and I'd love to have it physically I just can't seem to get a good read on if they're good ports or remaster or what's the deal.
    • henryvines 2023-10-08 15:39:57.567291+00
      Also how the Fuck do you add a profile picture on this site
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  • henryvines 2023-10-26 01:12:20.71574+00
    Yeh its a pretty lame set of emulation, not even proper ports. I've got it, and I already beat the first one so I might actually just grab a refund from the shop near me lol.
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  • TheRealJimMorrison 2024-01-27 15:06:32.781102+00
    Hello again, Mr Mazzetti! Do you have any video games you could recommend to me?
    • TheRealJimMorrison 2024-01-27 15:09:52.304643+00
      To clarify: I'm searching mostly for ARPGs, dungeon crawlers, retro FPS and survival horrors.
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