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let's go from worst to best, case by case for this one. case 1 is just plain awful. i appreciate that these games need a tutorial level, but how they go about enacting the tutorial is stupid. plus, the case is nigh-on nonsensical anyways. case 3 is often cited as the worst in the game, and as far as the big 3 go, it's by far the worst. every character is obnoxious, the actual case is so fucking farfetched it's ridiculous, and the mildly pedophilic aspects were offputting, to say the least. then, we have a MASSIVE rise in quality for case 2. intuitive, challenging to figure out, a joy to watch unfold, and the twists make for some incredible storytelling. plus, seeing maya's hometown was just awesome. it actually feels very well considered, unlike case 1 and 3. then case 4 might be the best individual case in any of the games i've played so far, including rise from the ashes. so tense because of what happens within it, it pulls so many swerves and they all feel natural, and the ending extremely satisfying and cathartic. the best way they could have ended this game. so overall we're a bit all over the place here. the highs are high, the lows are low. we also get the addition of franziska von karma as a prosecutor instead of edgeworth. she's kinda annoying, and severely underdeveloped, but also really attractive and i wish she would whip me and
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All 2024-06-13T23:56:47Z
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Elebits 2006
solid. adore the art style in the cutscenes, and the simple but challenging gameplay is quite fun. gets a bit old after not that long unfortunately, tho.
Elebits 2024-05-24T02:12:34Z
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maritime serenity for my dark soul
Endless Ocean 2024-05-21T02:17:34Z
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the UK is warming up, and as such i thought i would play a sunny game to match that. outrun 2006 absolutely nails the hedonism and escapism. what it lacks in the variety of mechanics you get to work with present in other arcade racers, it makes up for in style, summertime vibes, and a great batch of memorable tracks and music. keeping things simpler really pays off here, even if it does lead to the game feeling a teeny tiny bit monotonous. the various modes are fun on their own, however can get a bit repetitive if you're playing through the campaign. impressing your girlfriend through comitting various acts of heinous vehicular ABH never gets old, and i love how every rank you can score on these levels has a different reaction image. very fun to try and see them all. ignoring the special place in hell reserved for the spudnet-brained dingmush that created the abominable shitecunt nightmare hellfucks that are the 'keep above the speed' and the 'photograph the sights' missions for jennifer and holly respectively, there's rarely a dull moment while playing this game. great arcade racer and i will be returning to it soon to try out outrun 2 sp.
OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast 2024-05-19T02:13:01Z
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i really dig the theming and the music goes ham, but yeah, this is about as good as i thought it would be. so not massively.
Super Mario Land 2024-05-18T01:22:56Z
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my name is walter and i enjoy games that are good and also enjoy games that are not good




  • TheRealJimMorrison 2023-11-21 12:54:14.847568+00
    walter rizz
    • wallrooseyes 2023-11-23 02:34:14.476616+00
      i hate you
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  • alliterativeAlpinist 2024-02-22 14:32:41.247331+00
    fire trucks and moster trucks
    • wallrooseyes 2024-03-02 00:15:58.971879+00
      what did he mean by this
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  • Solanum 2024-03-11 11:38:04.04834+00
    I love users who have in depth notes on everything they play, especially when they're as enthusiastic as you. Since all the thoughts are gathered in one place you get a far better view of the person than with scattered reviews.
    • wallrooseyes 2024-03-13 01:31:25.216811+00
      thank you for reading my stupid notes, you've made my day with this comment
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