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My favorite Jazz genres are Avant-Garde, Modal Jazz, and Cool Jazz.

I'm actually only 16, BUT DON'T TELL ANYONE!!!!!!!

I'll be putting some stuff on my Soundcloud, eventually....not

Actual rating system to contrast the parody of a system I currently have displayed:

5: Beyond sentimental, top-tier
4.5: Sentimental, hits the soul with proper extraordinarism
4: Really Great, shades of classicness, best of genre
3.5: Great, best of year, very satisfying
3: Really good album, lacks a certain trait to stand among the best
2.5: Good album, would recommend
2: Decent album/borderline good, could recommend
1.5: Average album, pales in comparison to similar albums and lacks replay value
1: Below average, weak showing, tho holds a detail or two that holds replay value, ,
0.5: Non-existent worth, possibly excruciating. Absolutely no reason to return.


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  • Saturnis 2015-03-03 01:49:27.336657+00
    I'm tired of melody. Hip-hop is starting too look like my thing.
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  • Saturnis 2015-03-03 05:24:30.018119+00
    Cunninlynguists look like thw mosr civilized rap group ever. They just got a hella good guy but knowledgable apperance.
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  • Saturnis 2015-03-09 15:11:46.026933+00
    I just got over a sucky bout of depression... The people of my city really really suck man. No one gives a shit. Really distracted my weekend.

    I'm resuming some reviewing projects i've been persuing, including writing 15 page essay on a certain anime... and o'm really tackling getting a job.
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  • Daniel_Paris 2015-03-09 19:40:09.968739+00
    Nothing, i've been bored recently and my vape mod broke so i'm having to save up money for a new one. Out pf nictoine for a week is gonna make me cranky.

    Blacker The Berry and i are the only recent Kendrick singles I know and heard. Both are great, i is underrated on here. "Went pop", my fucking ass. People like to put Kendrick in the box as just a conscious rapper but I realized since 2010 that he's more than that.

    What about you?
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  • Saturnis 2015-03-10 05:59:31.605608+00

    How do i deal with it?... well, depression is such a fucky tricky demon man... for at the moment, its like... i know why i feel depressed, or what my depression is cetering on, but... knowing what do DO about it is something totally different...

    I'm really eastern philosophy oriented, and the way i think about things is in very abstract and universal sense, so my valueses are sorta like that. Like, when your depressed, any deep thought can drag you down, so really you just gotta be constantly meditating and keeping your mind on minimal activity.

    But like... i'm rwally not sure if im dealing with it... i'm at this quandry, and i'm not sure if it's cuz im fucked up in the head from depression, or its just the actual truth of me as a person..
    I'm... almost likeing depression... not like serious and legit depression, but sorta just flirting with it. It keeps the inevitable pain of losing everything i love, my mom for example, in the middle of my mind... and i feel like if i don't hsve that sadness, then i'll start taking things for granted again, and i won't feel shit as like... real and deep. Nothing is ever more vivid when your are confronted with a finality, know what i mean? It's this notion that amost makes the sadness... pleasurable or something to be thankful for...
    Idk man, maybe i'm just addicted tk shit now cuz depression can fuck you up that bad.
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  • Daniel_Paris 2015-03-10 06:59:32.180508+00
    This is why this site irks the fuck out of me. Most of the downraters for i came straight from gkmc and jumbled Kendrick in a box as just a conscious rapper and nothing else. Once he does i, he sells out... How does that make sense? I is an indicator that Kendrick has enough of an artistry that selling out would be impossible for him.

    This is why I never trust the ratings on here
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  • Patrique 2015-04-09 03:30:12.89944+00
    I really dig it, but I'm going to give it a few listens to set in before I write a review. It's easily the best sounding of the trilogy, which I was worried about since I knew it wasn't going to be all Ski and had even heard it was going to be all Cool & Dre. But it sounds surprisingly cohesive given the multi-producer lineup, and Spitta's lyrics and flow are as on point as ever. Fuck anyone who says his delivery is boring or sleepy.

    Off of two listens, my favorites are probably the intro and "Pot Jar". The intro is an awesome little mini-career retrospective up to that point, perfect way to start it off.

    My one complaint is that Riff Raff still sucks, always and forever, and no amount of my favorite rappers continuing to put him on for whatever reason or positive press that he gets will ever convince me otherwise. He must be Harry Fraud's personal drug supplier, he owes his career to Fraud even more than French Montana does.
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  • Saturnis 2015-12-03 17:44:12.616683+00
    If your favorite genre's are jazz, why is there so much Hip-Hop on here?
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