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Vanquish 2010
Oh man, when this game has you blazing around the arena taking quick shots to keep moving, few 3rd person shooters feel as good. The bosses are also very fun, and I kind of wish this game had a boss rush mode because they are way more interesting than the normal encounters. I would say the biggest flaws of this game are that half the encounters are pretty bland, and that melee is SUPER disincentivized thanks to it draining your AR gauge. If anything it should refill it so you can whip around the play space even faster, but as is, you’ll have to slowly chip through enemies increasing health the higher the difficulty gets. It also feels pointless to go for zero damage runs thanks to hitscan weapons on enemies, and the fact that your allies will randomly make things way easier or way harder. Cool game, but there is so much holding back the amazing parts that it’s hard not to be disappointed by what could have been a truly standout action shooter.
Vanquish 2024-04-12T19:24:03Z
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I think the main thing holding back this story is the order which things are presented, and how much information is repeated. I know that it’s a mystery and that piecing things together alongside the characters is nice, but many moments of intrigue fall flat thanks to what order we see events in (the introduction of the idea of Beatrice comes to mind). I also understand that important information only being said once could lead to misunderstanding by readers, but the whole point of a mystery story is read closely and think about the meaning of everything you see, so it’s hard to get invested in certain scenes when you already know what they are talking about or have heard it already. The kid characters also weren’t engaging from the start thanks to their immaturity. They may say that it’s weird to be all grown up and miss childhood, but we don't get to see that side of them until all the weird shit is happening. The kids get better, but they were much less interesting compared to the adults and servants. The adults are much better in this regard since they don’t pretend to be nice to each other. Passive aggressive comments are everywhere, some of them are just straight up horrible to each other in front of a group, and they don’t hide their true intentions. Some might find that bad for a mystery, but knowing what everyone knows/thinks is way more engaging since you feel connected to the characters as everything happens. Maybe not everything had to be shown and rather implied, but I still found all of them very interesting anyways. The music is also very good. The visuals aren’t very good, but you’ll be reading for most of the game anyway, so it’s not a lose. It’s a game with a lot of great qualities. The pacing is surprisingly good despite how long this is, new additions to the narrative make sense, the topics explored aren’t particularly unique, but they explore in more interesting ways than you’d expect, and after a certain point, most of the characters are a joy read along with. Great novel, but you’ll have to do a bit more skimming than you’d like to get to the interesting bits where info isn’t repeated and the kids don’t act like kids anymore.
Umineko When They Cry - Question Arcs 2024-04-11T05:00:19Z
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Flashback 1992
Flashback 2024-04-09T00:40:12Z
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Precise jumps weren’t a great part of this game, but the great use of shadows, ambient noises, and viscous enemy designs/death animations made the game feel like an adventure you had to think and be careful about rather than a glorified walking sim. The amigos were a tonal whiplash, but the darkness coming out to destroy them made things feel dire again into the more action heavy second half. It’s a weird little game, and I think other previous cinematic platformers captured the harshness better, but this one feels a lot better to play moment to moment while still being pretty tense even with generous shortcuts. I know it’s a kids game basically, but it was still pretty interesting, especially the ending which was a very good wrap up.
Heart of Darkness 2024-04-08T20:58:24Z
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Electric Highways 2024-04-06T22:07:42Z
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If you want deeper thoughts on games I enjoy, head to my YouTube (it’s in my bio or just type LocoJake in the search bar on YT). I’m mostly using this website to keep track of thoughts I have for future videos and games I develop. It’s also kind of fun to do mini-reviews, so I hope you enjoy and find something cool to play (even if I focus on the negatives too much).

I only review or give scores to stuff I've finished/gotten pretty good at. If you want an idea of what scores mean for me, I would say anything I give a 3.0 or higher is worth playing, so don't feel bad if something you like isn't rated a 4.0 or higher. Most games have some standout moments or features, but don't maintain that quality of experience for the whole runtime, or aren't very replayable thanks to padding. Hopefully if you’ve played the games I’ve rated, you can see where I’m coming from in my reviews for them.




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