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Everyone has at least one YouTube link on their page, so I'll use mine to post one of the most underrated songs of all time: a deep-cut on the debut from a Morrocan indie-singer-songwriter, and it's one of the best songs ever:



Got that longest review on RYM:

i actually like the rapping and his lyrics especially on gorgeous and the beats are cool and yeah i guess it was new to make your songs long and rap about boring stuff instead of guns and money but a lot of the music is just boring and some of the songs suck pretty bad and some are way too long i had a dream that i would write the longest review on rym and it would be the length of a novel and be all layed out in chapters one for each song but each chapter wouldnt just look over each song it would look over an aspect of rap and kanye and it would end with three outta five but fuck that maybe ill do that some day but if i do id want there to be another album than this to do it about so i could talk about it more however as of now there really is no other album that i could talk about as much as this one probably so hey lets make this review at least the longest i ever hope to write cus i got some things to say thisll be my whatever that book is by that guy i think john faulkner where he wrote the whole thing between two and four in the morning over two weeks i think it was called as i lay dying and he didnt edit it at all no editing no grammar or punctuation only kanye and me ok maybe ill edit some stuff who knowsw im just worried ill repeat myself yeah ill edit but it will be minimal actually no ill edit as much as i like what difference does it really make but ill try to write more than i read back so you got lots of words lets make this review really long here is every single thing i have to say about kanye wests my beautiful dark twisted fantasy i had a dream that i would make a band but it wouldnt actually be me its just the guy who made it would look like me and have my name and we would be called guide there are a few foundational thoughts that led to me wanting to make this band firstly i wanted to focus on live performances because that is where musicians made their money but i wanted every sound we played live to be produced live so no pre recorded stuff secondly i wanted to have as few members as possible yet be able to cover every song i could conceivably want to i came to the conclusion of four members thirdly i wanted there to be lots of bass really bassy music so i thought at first the layout of the band would be one bass guitarist two singer and three drummer later a fourth became apparent dont worry this is going somewhere this isnt just me trying to fill out the word count this is relevant each of the four members contribute equally to the sound of the band they are all equally important and are all equally talented in different ways the vocalist is like kevin spacey who is able to accurately impersonate actors voices except the vocalist can impersonate any singers voice like i mean any singer in the world this vocalist is the one that looks like me by the way he can impersonate john lennon or joanna newsom or mc ride and he sounds perfectly like them which instantly makes him very talented but he can also dance like a maniac like i have no knowledge of dance so in my head when i imagine the best dancer in the world its just crazy fuckin shit he is going wild but it is really good and inspires his audiences the guitarist was originally a bass guitarist but with only a singer to make the treble noises i came to the conclusion that this guitarist must actually have a guitar that is three guitars in one ok stay with me it is a six string guitar and each pair of strings is linked to another amp and she can play three riffs at once for example a bass line a backing guitar and a lead guitar which means she has to move her fingers really fast and she is very good at it and also looks really cool in my head i have a lot of ideas about this band that i wont go into cus this is after all about kanye so im just giving you a basic idea lol i just realised this review is the opposite of marsbars review for yeezus in all caps the drummer is a really good drummer and i had the idea that she could have a second kick that is just an electronic bass sound like in cant feel my face or something so she supplies the main unique bassy sound of the band that makes them iconic the fourth member i came up with was a guy who did all the lights but he did them live and was treated as a core member cus he made the atmosphere of the shows so much better and made the crowds so excited and was very good at improvising and turning off all the lights quickly ok im rushing now cus i dont want to bore you guide would play cover shows where they would cover artists i love and i would come up with the tracklisting for each of the shows and the way they would play every song and which songs wouldnt make the cut because after all they cant do huge shows and play every single one of their songs and also some songs by great bands arent that great and we would be the best band in the world our name was guide i cannot listen to a song now without imagining guide playing it live and ive had this for two years and sometimes it drives me crazy because i want to block it out but other times i love it and come up with narratives for what the band members do in their own time and the greatest thing about it is its totally mine because its such a lame idea that no one could ever write a book about them or make a movie because theyre basically superhuman musicians so it is totally mine and i have no restraint with the idea like crazy stupid pubescent inspiring stuff they do and its awesome i love it so i imagine when i listen to kanyes music that i perform all the vocals in his song like the choruses sung by guest musicians and the rapping by kanye but the funny thing about kanyes music is he uses a lot of background vocals in a unique way different from most other produces in a way that guide couldnt really just translate all of them to a guitar it would lose something so i had this idea what if i did a joint show with kanye west where i did the vocal parts of the beats with my voice and kanye did the rapping heres the picture power is one of kanyes best songs and all these people have come out to see guide the biggest band in the world covering kanye west another huge name and all the members start the handclap and stomping their feet and the drummer is just hand clapping and its fantastic all the crowd clapping and the vocalist goes up to the mic and does the ah ah ahhhhh ah of power and the members and the whole crowd does it so many people and the musicians start to make it seem like the rap is coming and it looks like i the lead vocalist will be doing it but oh fuck outta nowhere kanyes leaps in the hero and starts rapping while im doing the singing and the crowd goes fucking insane that guide and kanye are doing a joint show its insane this is going somewhere but im scared to get there because once i get where this is going what more am i gonna write about you know if i truly wanted this to be the longest review possible id just write everything about guide and everything ive ever thought about kanye but who wants to read that i hope i dont scrap this review but i might itll definitely be unpublished i got to imagining doing all the vocal beats of kanyes songs like all falls down and spaceship and jesus walks i dont really like that song but anywho i started listening to kanye with the college dropout so imagining that album was really fun especially slow jams my favourite kanye song where id do the vocal beat with kanye and the singing chorus but also id do the damn baby i cant do it that fast but i know someone who can holy crap i rapped twistas verse because kanye cant rap that fast obviously so i did all the guest verses too and then i heard my beautiful dark twisted fantasy and i cant really tell with music the first time im hearing like i cant get personal and i cant imagine guide performing the songs but i got to runaway and id read on rym it was really good and i liked the beat and i felt like i could agree it was really good and then the pusha t verse and the ending came on and i was like well this is shit i wouldnt want to do this i cant get down with guide doing this thing with you anymore kanye and then all the guitar noises and the weird droning for nine minutes what the hell why do people think this is good well i got where i was going so now i guess im gonna just talk about the album also side note ive totally given up on editing at this stage this is raw hoskee runaway has an interesting beat so yes i guess i can see it being affecting to a lot of people and the singing is obviously emotional but the theme is just dumb he just wants to runaway what do people see in this thats so inspiring and then the focking guest verse like i can always see merit in kanyes verses but pusha t there is nothing memorable in that verse at all it is totally nothing then back to singing and this is my number one problem with the album it isnt kanye it isnt guest verses it isnt weird droney noises its that every song is way too long like even before you get to the part with the drone noises its just way too drawn out this is boring music it never moves anywhere and i guess it does actually thats not the point it just moves so slowly and spends so many bars repeating and repeating jesus christ i should actually start at the beginning of the album also checklist of some things for me to talk about my rating other peoples reviews kanyes voice and lyrics guest verses beats and hype this is the contents page now lets start after this introduction the review at the beginning dark fantasy and may i say what a name for an album holy shit like the way i judge album titles is imagine youd never known anything about music and you went on a site like rym and looked up the charts and the number one album ever made was called my beautiful dark twisted fantasy how hyped would you be to hear it obviously there are other factors but that name alone is really good to me and sells it to me and also yeezus is a very clever album title but more within the context like you need to know that his nickname is yeezy first anyway mbdtf incredibly awesome album name and unique and great album cover doing well so far you put on the first song and i guess sure it could be cool for someone thats really hardcore into analysing their hip hop to hear something from kanye and say like wow he is really experimenting and maybe he was but to me it is just an intro and it sounds kinda cool its memorable i like it sick addiction wow what a line i remember that but then these vocals come in and at present i am listening to this song and just so hating them and its not cause theyre bad but its because they are so long and take forever jesus christ like its not even just that they repeat too much its also that each line is just so long and not even that memorable of a line or tune it goes on for so long and i hate it stop taking up so much time dark fantasy may be the worst offender for this it goes on forever this beat though i like bum ba dum and this is the point where i gotta say because it is a good time why in the fuck does everyone criticise kanyes lines like even people who like this album say he isnt the best but in my opinion for interesting lines he is legitimately one of the best out there or ever quote i fantasised bout this back in chicago okay ive said before that im not a lyrics guy and what i mean is i dont really that much care for meanings behind lyrics like i can stomach the weeknd but i can appreciate a memorable lyric or one that is quotable or when someone recites it in a unique way which isnt really lyricism but rather flow ill get to kanyes flow later for now him as a lyricist and let me say what a memorable way to start a song what a memorable line to open with quote mercy mercy me a murcialago or however you spell it to me that is good wordplay what more do you want from this guy and dark fantasy has gotta be one of the most memorable songs for quotables on the album his pronunciation is another thing that puts him above the rest quote stupid but what the hell do i know its a well delivered line the way he pronounces it and some people aka this guy frenchie for whatever reason their main complaint is how he focuses on the rhyming bit of every line and im like jesus do you really so need a reason to hate this guy this is where i fall because on the one hand i dont think this is a fantastic album but on the other hand i think everyone else who doesnt like it their reasons are so so dumb so i dont really want to have an opinion but ey thats what this review is about also addendum to the contents list im also adding go through all the reviews and how much all of them suck every single one so when this review starts to get stale and i run out of things to say i will just read all the reviews and argue back at them on topic i seriously think kanye is one of the most quotable and clever worldsmiths i know behind maybe kendrick and mc ride but hey i dont know that many but i love his lyrics and have never really had a problem with them at least on his own albums on his guest verses on other peoples album they can be bad if i really wanted to fill this out id just write every single lyric i loved on this album and have a lot of words actually i will do that so i will have little chapters each time i talk about a new song actually lol i just realised that pretty much applies to every line on dark fantasy so id just copy paste the lyrics page haha i wont do that but yeah i could listen to kanyes verses all day they are fantastic and the way his production builds during it really is something but thats the thing about this song is that as much as i love every line there are so few of them like what less than thirty i reckon in a five minute song there is so much useless stuff tacked on it is freaking ridiculous after a second hook which is standard in a rap song after you have another verse there is this singing bit and its wonderful but by this point im a little tired of this song and just want to move on as much as i love his music mbdtf just tires me out and then oh god another hook fucks sake and then all these useless bars listening to the beat what the fuck was he thinking weve heard this for so long with you rapping we even got some empty bars of it at the start of the song before you came in what made you think to do it again and you might say thats how he wanted to close the song and id argue itd be perfectly fine to close it with the short hook after the singing but both of us would be wrong because kanye makes one of the weirdest choices ever to put yet another long hook at the end that goes on forever now im not just complaining like wow that was a poor musical decision kanye cus i really dont know that much about music and there really is not that much music i dislike but this song and this album i actually think parts of it are straight up bad and thats unique for me thats why im writing this review lets talk about gorgeous im not gonna do this for every song im sure youre groaning but gorgeous is an interesting song for a few reasons firstly i think the main reason this is recognised as such an important album is because kanye experiments with vocal distortion in a new way that i do think is original and he makes it sound good and yes you can already see that influence in other hip hops artists so i agree it is important in that respect another reason this is an interesting song is this is one of my least favourite mixings for kanye i generally think he is a really good producer but on this song the beat is mixed crazily quiet during the chorus so much so that i dont just think its not my taste but it actually seems badly produced dunno what he was thinking since its such a good beat another reason is no one seems to talk about this song yet it is one of the most quotable songs of all time i swear like so many lines that i just love and so many come up in my brain all the time i dunno its strange to me this song suffers from length issues also but a lot of it isnt due to long choruses alike dark fantasy its mostly due to kanyes flow so lets talk about that on other songs he is pretty good at changing it up dark fantasy for example but on this song he barely does anything his verses are very repetitive and the chorus is not that good in my opinion but hey i have no real criticism of the chorus its just not one of his best then this songs latter parts kid cudis verse is literally nothing to me i cant remember any of the lines he seems competent i guess but then a second hook even after his verse seemed like a sort of close out how unnecessary and then jesus all those extra bars why kanye although i do like that guitar i think it is a sample from spiritualized who i like another addendum to the contents were gonna talk about his personality at one point and his ego anyway even tho ive had some problems so far i also wanna make it clear i do really like this early part of the album its good just some nags that other people cant seem to see and do bother me next up lol i guess i am just gonna follow the tracklisting hey why not im sure ill think of enough to say and that will stretch it out next up is power the best song on this album what a freaking iconic call ah ah ahhh ah with the handclaps too i wanna say this is some of kanyes best production work and the way he enters and his lines on this song mmwah masterpiece i love the horns and the incoming of the horns but what i dont love especially is something minor just after the king crimson sample there is this huge bass bow and it sounds great and gives the song some real push and makes it seems so much louder but he only uses this at those points after the sample i wish that noise happened after every bar i would love the song much more its just a little issue i have other than that these verses are some of his most memorable and some of his most memorable instrumentals and funnily enough no i dont think this song suffers from being too long it feels like it should be long and have that weird break down at the end because it feels like the big song on the album it fits the length and thats another thing there is an interlude right after power and interludes are normally little breaks that comes after the epic songs so it seems as though within the tracklisting power should be the albums huge song length wise but no a lot of other songs on this album are way longer and perhaps that was something kanye thought of and perhaps people will read into it and think yeah he wanted to break conventions by releasing a long single and make people would think it would be that way and then challenging them but i dont think kanye is that smart on to all of the lights i love this interlude and the all of the lights theme works really well as an instrumental and the way it then moves into the man screaming on the actual song all of the lights is cool but jesus this is dark fantasy syndrome all over again because hearing that chorus im like oh fuck im gonna be listening to this chorus another ten times i like his verse and the production is very dense on this song and his flow is novel but just think how much of this song is dedicated to the verses and how much to the extravaganza or whatever i wanted to write that in italics to show my sarcasm the singing part with the guy quote you should go and get your own then the girls little verse is one of the highlights of the album far and away how did this lady not get a feature the hell anyway it sounds really good but after her verse i hear it go all quiet and im like oh god we got another minute and a half of this shit once ive heard enough okay in this review i make a lot of it sound like some huge drama but these are all just minor annoyances quote i tried to tell you but all i could say was uh oh this bit sounds like something amateurish and not very good its one of my least favourite parts of the album so far but its not the sort of thing i could really properly criticise its just my taste but i dont like it much it sounds baaaad then next song yes monster the second best song on the album get hype and what an opening the best part is while im listening to this i know he doesnt repeat these two bits a hundred times over the course of the song so i actually get to enjoy them quote i shoot the lights out it sounds so good and then that guy singing all deep and kanyes entrance guys i really like this song also one of his best beats his best choruses his best verses in general and whats good is its the kind of beat that he can experiment with enough to actually make it feel fresh the whole length of the song with multiple verses and its a much more skeletal beat which i appreciate after all the previous hooh hah okay lets talk about that hooh hah this seems like a good enough time the main source of praise for this album is that it is maximal opposing the minimal direction rap was headed even the wikipedia page says this and thats grand and all and maybe im not refined enough to appreciate that but its just so fucking repetitive a long album isnt a bad album but this album i mean just listen to dark fantasy so much wasted time man does anyone agree with me i dont know my main criticism so far might seem as though its length but it isnt as i understand the length is intentional to seem maximal but its that kanye fills the length with so much useless stuff ugh back to monster which is oddly the standout opposite to this trend of lengths and maxes because not only is it a generally lowkey beat and one that gets pretty quiet at times but the song has three guest verses and is still only six minutes long thats actually pretty respectable for a song with three guest verses if not short kanye actually seemed to restrain himself from making this song super unnecessarily long and blown out which makes it great kanyes first verse has some of his most well recognised lines like essaphagos and sarcophagus dude im not gonna google to search how either of those are actually spelt but jayzs verse is pretty bad as usual for him i dont really like jayz although he does have some memorable lines particularly quote millionaires millin about spillin they feelings in the air which is one of my faves from the album the main problem with his verse is he abuses the beat im assuming it was him that told kanye to strip it down and the bring it back so many times it doesnt sound that great and it gets old whereas during kanyes verse it also does change but more gradually thinking about it jayzs verse is like a godsend compared to most of the others on this album though lol the exception being nickis verse which is without a doubt the best guest verse on the album maybe even the best verse in general on the album including kanyes verses and one of the best guest verses i have ever heard from anyone i have always liked nicki for her voice and her charm but this is definitely the best thing shes ever done way above all the others whoever ghost wrote it should have a grammy but yeah a lot of it is her delivery too i just love her so much while i listen to this also can we just gush over how genius that last little touch where instead of the voice echoing out it echoes in that is freaking incredible quote this is what you live for and the live for part actually begins before it im not sure how to describe it but i love that every time its very well done however as much as i love this song i am not a huge fan of the ending it does drag on a little and i dont really get its place in the song especially cus i was just commending the short length of the song it would be even shorter without this tacked on but in some ways i dont want this song to end because next is one of my least favourite songs and the first song so far on the album that i think is bad so appalling i do definitely believe this album is frontloaded especially because i dont think runaway is as great as everybody else so from this point on i have a lot of bad things to say dude this review is actually going fantastically like for each song ive managed to reveal a new overarching view i have on the album i didnt plan that at all i swear it just worked really well im not sure ill have enough things to say till the end tho and im very scared of repeating myself because i havent read up but i think before i release this review ill read back over it all anyway imma go to sleep cus its two am and that faulkner guy wrote something ill be back soon hope i dont give up on this tuesday im back its twelve fuck yeah lets go and then my heart sinks once more when i realise what song is next so appalled is most of the things wrong with this album the chorus which is also the opening is terrible it is very lame quote one hand in the air if you dont really care and the rest of this song thrives on calling out things that every rapper is gonna call out anyways so what is the point of this song i mean it isnt super super terrible but this is a reasonably well regarded song on a super well regarded album how can people say this is above anything else theyve heard this decade when it has this song on it a song that doesnt separate itself from the rest of rap in any real way what are people seeing here it has one of the least interesting beats on the album that actually gets a little annoying after a while and kanyes opening verse being one of his least interesting and he keeps doing this thing he doesnt really do anywhere else where he cuts the beat to exaggerate a line in the same way jayz or phife dawg does and the worst thing about this beat is how it barely changes at all two more things for the checklist actually i remember i wanted to talk about a song in relation to yeezus and one in relation to college dropout hey since this song is my least favourite on the album so far lets talk about one of the worst things about the album no one seems to talk about thats the guest verses which are almost uniformly absolute trash and it is incredible to me how with monster the track length actually felt so short whereas with so appalled it seems to drag out forever now why is that hmm could it be that there are zero one off bits it all gets repeated to take up time and that the chorus gets said so many times over and over it is fuckin ridiculous lmao that was a little joke voi la ok thats actually a cool line how can people not see that guest verses which are to me at least one of the worst things in rap are also so so terrible on this album seriously how can you listen to this shit and say it makes for a good song jayzs verse is actually and this means the situation is truly dire is actually a better verse than kanyes opening i mean kanye really let the song down i dont get it and jayz has a verse like quote alla yall can suck mah balls thru mah drawers that is such a memorable line his verse here is actually the best ive heard from him it must sound like im praising the song but this is the only good thing on the song then the next two verses im just thinking wait what did i just listen to absolutely nothing just passed through my ears im just listening to this average beat and then oh fuck whered that come from freaking rza voice hahahahahaha seriously this is one of the weirdest things it scared me to death first time i heard it on such a laid back and like contemplative beat that is sort of moody rza comes in screaming and it so doesnt fit god it doesnt fit at all i actually cracked up when i heard it also i dont really like rzas voice in general but hey thats just me and then hey kanye grand idea why dont we spend another few bars hearing him say fuckin ridiculous and throw in another hook because on this album kanye goes the other end to most musicians allow me to explain ive heard a common music criticism people saying x musician does not know how to end a song it just cut with no wind down after the climax or it felt like it never climaxed well all of my beautiful dark twisted fantasy swings the other way it just peters out at the end there is nothing and after youve already gotten tired of the song he thinks it needs another hook like he couldve ended it after rzas verse but he thought that wouldnt feel like closure i dont know what he was thinking im beginning to feel bad for saying all this like ive got some other agenda to make people hate the album or something i dont but i just feel like some parts of this album is bad and the critical response to it is so off sure im okay with people liking stuff i dont like but no ones reasoning for why this album is so well regarded makes sense to me if you cant see any of what ive said as applicable or true so far at least recognise how average these guest verses are i mean come on and college dropout had them too but college dropout wasnt hailed as a masterpiece from the get go next song devil in a new dress funnily enough the only song that got any sort of a backlash but it is personally my favourite on the second half of the album oh gosh i just had the best idea yes this song ill talk about college dropout and hell of a life ill talk about yeezus that might not make sense right now but it will this song has such a great beat that reminds me of a lot of college dropout when kanye used to use a lot of singing beats and another great thing about this song is it gets right to it no funny business lets get straight into kanye singing the hook and it is a memorable hook and i like the dynamic of kanye actually singing as well as rapping it gives it a more down to earth feel and the beat really sets the mood and whats more with this song i get it i get the hype beyond it being just a good song for once i can actually see that he is doing something novel thematically this is a weird step because it is such a moody beat like a romantic dinner date and then the rapping perfectly leads you through their relationship the highs and then his issues its like what he used to do on college dropout with graduation and that like talking and being real about his real thoughts and his ego for once is absent i dont dislike kanyes ego i want to make that clear we will talk more on that later but kanye had something really novel on college dropout as flawed as that album is hey maybe ill do a book review for that one too nah it doesnt have enough undue hype as flawed as it is it felt different in the way kanye was doing soul and doing the struggling rapper and maybe he intended to bring that back here i appreciate it quote we love jesus but you done learned a lot from satan this song also has some great lines and the hook and the verse sound really similar like the blend together well in a brilliant way oh thats something i should also talk about in some of these songs the hook is too separate from the verses in my opinion for example in dark fantasy he completely swaps beats swaps singers and swaps tone every time he switches from chorus to verse on some songs however he is able to make it feel like one very consistent song and it sounds great like here devil in a new dress never needs to break and his flow is very moving and he changes it up often this song is actually quite good seriously like i can see something very special in this album but it is quite bogged down should it be all monster and power and the good bits of gorgeous and devil in a new dress i would be right there with all yall but as it stands ehhhhh shit im writing this like im ending the review lol nope i got more to write by the way im writing this on my new keyboard it is very good im writing a lot faster so hopefully will get a lot done of the review tonight anyway with devil in a new dress im in paradise with such a good song and then outta nowhere yeah what we talked about guest verses uh huh kanye pulls that one out again but before i talk bout the guest verse midway through this song the beat breaks at around two minutes fifty seconds and imagine a little snippet of a song like that barely three minutes of just a couple kanye verses and a great beat imagine if hed left it at that for a moment i had hoped it would be a fantastic little song but then this beat changes and we gotta stomach another minute of instrumental movements i actually feel sad why is this here kanye whyd you do this its similar to those moments on college dropout where i was like whyd you have to put in another skit its not worth it youre wasting everyones time and then the guest verse rick rosses verse certainly isnt the worst one on the album he has a listenable voice but it doesnt fit the beat and its not just his voice but the mixing made him a lot louder than kanye so im tryna hear this beat but rick ross is too loud but hey im thankful there isnt another hook after his verse to drag it out that wouldve been terrible and then next up in the track listing oh fook this is the big one the number one single of the twenty tens apparently i mean not that i think blacker the berry should be number one i think it should be oblivion hahaha off topic but this this this song ive already expressed in short my opinions earlier but i really wanna get into this its runaway lol and my god what an opening i dont think i can express that enough without punctuation but this was certainly one of the few times ive heard a song for the first time and been like imma like this for sure and yeah i like the way it goes into the actual song well enough but that opening with the piano dayum anyway this song is pretty good at the start i can see why yall like it and yes i can see why the voices quote look at yah are cool and all it is new and novel and unique at least i think its novel im not gonna be one to argue against it being novel you guys who praise the album probably know better than me but yeah i can see some of this song having a big influence upon rap now for this song im going to talk about ego the thing ive being trying to hold back the most because its all every other review talks about and that sucks and i want to avoid that but i got something to say about his ego different to everyone else and its that i fucking love you kanye so fucking much jesus i wish i could be typing in caps kanye you are one of the most beautiful and unique people there are and i love that you exist more than almost any other musical artist right now except grimes and death grips i am so so so happy that we can see your antics and the shit you do is hilarious man feel good about yourself feel really good because that makes it so much better and not even in a making fun of you way like i totally would never want to be like you but im so happy that someone does want to be like you and im so happy that i know for a fact that someone does want to be like you and i know that because you exist and the only way a person like you could exist is if you loved yourself more than anyone else on earth loves themselves so just know i love you and i love your music wellll i love parts of it anyway but it wouldnt be the same if you didnt love your own music anyway now that ive confessed my love to kanye oh gosh i just realised the way this worked out like devil in a new dress was his past career when he was down to earth runaway is where he was at in twenty ten with all the inner conflict and hell of a life is his future where hes headed towards yeezus my god this worked out so well if i ever do a well written version of this review like fully laid out with punctuation and chapters ill pretty much keep it in the exact same order had for this i think this worked really well so in twenty ten kanye be luvin himself and also hating the way his career is going with his albums getting less critical acclaim and he wants to turn everything around and wants to make something big you know and runaway is the biggest thing ever man it is colossal and he thinks imma really get personal and show them who i really am and everyone eats it up but allow me to ask what really is the message of this song quote run away from them baby dum dum crazy plus a little introspective shit thrown in but nothing as good as devil in a new dress and whats this line quote i sent this bitch a picture of my dick what the fuck these lyrics arent smart at all quote at least you know thats what im good at that is the lyric where my eyes roll back so hard even though its not even a bad lyric i just know reviewers are gonna be eating that up and calling it one of the best things ever and say hes doing something amazing like that thing marbars said about the hangover line like that lines okay but nothing incredible what the hell is this cult around his lines being smarter than everyone elses i like this hook i wanna make it clear i like this song a fair amount and i like the vibe of it and i can really happily listen to the start of it but im just tryna say people screaming best of the decade there isnt that much to it and then once again ok this time i wont make it a big thing but pusha ts verse is terrible and way worse than the first part of the song seriously ive actually heard people say this verse is really good but what the hell is there here its not that well delivered or clever or profound and im apologise in advance because i didnt want to start comparing this album to other albums because thats not good criticism but i have to say every single verse on to pimp a butterfly is better than this verse by pusha t by a long way i will say no more on this subject one thing i do like about this song is just the overall fuck everyone attitude thats kinda neat but really im just stretching to find things to say about the most acclaimed song of the decade overall its attitude is novel in the context of the album but not too much beyond that and thats the thing about this song is there is barely anything after kanyes final verse and i really liked that moment when it went back to the opening little keyboard i thought it was gonna move on to the next song but fuck no and i think this is another one of my least favourite parts of the album no actually it is my least favourite and right now im just realising what the actual fuck how do people what it goes all quiet then these random noises come in and im not gonna be the guy like oh this isnt real music because i listen to some odd stuff but this is on one of the biggest songs in recent years and people are just thinking yeah whatever let him do his fucking thing with making weird noises why does no one talk about this three full minutes and its not just that its weird but people i know in real life listened to runaway people that couldnt stomach to pimp a butterfly because apparently it wasnt real music but this they are just totally fine with whhwhwhwhwhhwhwhatttt that really needs an exclamation point what is the point of this bit of the song what do you see in it tell me please and in relation to ego needledrop had a bullshit straw mans argument as to why he didnt like this album that it was too much about his ego and everyone else said well is that really a bad thing and thats the main reason why everybody ended up loving this it was in response to all the people saying too much ego they said nah its fine to make an album about ego but the music isnt good i love that he did this novel thing no one had heard before with strange vocal effects but does it sound good no is it good to listen to no is it even entertaining at least no its boring as hell but people say oooh hes pushing boundaries think about death grips when death grips pushed boundaries they did it in a way that was fun to listen to on the money store and death grips seem to be very influenced by my beautiful dark twisted fantasy at times but they made it fast and entertaining and something i want to listen to in fact id like to listen to it right now but no we must push forward with my beautiful dark twisted fantasy one last thing its not that i dont get why people like it i do but theyre wrong lol im sorry but what can you say man this to me is garbagetown musiccentral anyway ive talked enough about the most overrated song and the most delusion inducing song of the past few years its now time to move on to the next song and hell of a life i like a lot by this stage im very scared some reviewer that is very smart has read bits of this and completely understands my opinion and completely knows how i am completely wrong but i actually think i am saying something new who knows though i have opinions voice em my friend cut okay i wrote this long winding paragraph about hell of a life and it was an absolutely terrible paragraph that made no sense so i deleted it and am restarting the paragraph what you are reading now is actually being written on the tenth of january sorry to butt in but none of what i wrote made any sense and it likened hell of a life to yeezus but i really dont know much about yeezus i just didnt like it the few times i heard it and thats the thing about this review as little as ive got to say and as few actual contributions i have to add to the discussion on my beautiful dark twisted fantasy i do probably know it better than i know almost any other album in the sense that i have more opinions on it instead of with other albums i will say its very good or its not very good and there arent many other albums i can think of where i have such complex opinions other than maybe good kid madd city so i might write a super long review for that album who knows hope your excited honestly right now i dont know why im writing this and i dont know why im doing anything on rym ive unpublished a lot of lists because i feel like they dont show who i am but im super conflicted because theyre still worth something and ive been trying to reach out to other users but i never really get the response i hope for from now on i want to be the super nice user that always responds really nicely and is very happy to hear from people but thats all ive ever wanted to be in real life but i am not confident enough to be that guy i never get close to anyone at least on the internet if you dont talk to people you arent an asshole youre just lurking maybe i should go back to lurking rym was better when i didnt have to contribute where was i by the way did yall hear real friends man that song is actually really good im very hyped for swish as i was saying this review i really dont know man i sorta hate it but im going to finish it and just let it out there but my biggest fear holy cow is that it wont be accepted by rym because i heard that someone wrote a twelve thousand word review and it wasnt allowed on the servers and im not that long yet but i might get there by the end of this and what if this is all for nothing you know what if nobody even sees this because at this point as much as im trying to make this very followable and structured what really matters beyond people reading my review is that they at least see it that they at least notice that i have a really really long review thats the statement and as a statement it really means nothing i get that personally it might be a positive writing exercise but thats not why im doing it im doing it for people to see but why do they want to see why do i want them to see what does anyone get from it but im going to keep writing because what else am i gonna do anyway hell of a life its alright i guess what more is there to say i hate reviews where i just have to say something i force myself to say something but i end up saying nothing because i have nothing to say you know what fuck it im not gonna say anything about hell of a life no stars out of no stars no opinions its a song there you go now we get to the good stuff lmao am i right whos here for chris rock i mean thats the only reason i bought this album did anyone else hear that chris rock was on this album by some guy i think kim kardashians husband i wonder what chris rock does on the album does chris rock rap or something this song is where kanye reveals who my beautiful dark twisted fantasy truly is how weve all been lied to and it was right in front of our noses this whole time because as much as he tries to trick you and make you think that he has some sort of self hatred or self conscious or some sort of unawares college dropout in actuality he just really really really likes kanye west kanye west has a massive boner for kanye west kanye west kanye west ive heard this album so much over the past month or something just for this review and im really tired of his beats sorry but they arent what they were before and this song i just dont really want to listen to it but hey ill do this for the review everything for the review an earlier line on the album quote strings for the dramatic is what comes to mind where kanye seriously after all this self analysis just goes ahead and makes a song about all the things he tries to identify earlier wait what is this song even called i havent even said it yet oh yeah blame game featuring the legend john ive never actually heard of john outside of this album is he just chris rocks alibi or something this song is so fucking long okay now im back into the groove of this review yeah this is passion you are witnessing ive got just some anger and some love and what else makes good art im using the f word now fuck yeah ehhh i might edit those out i dont like saying fuck at the start of this song kanye barely has any lines the lines he does say just keep repeating and editing and it just sounds really weird and corny and not good with the weird effects he puts on the pitch shifts and really if music doesnt sound good whats it good for hey if i dont like it why is at such a high rating on this site my opinion is gospel i am hoskee and i made this fucking huge review yo wait up holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit i just ho lee shitttt i just realised this is the greatest review of all time everybody i am so smart but it wasnt even me lemme explain lemme lay it out for you kanye wests album my beautiful dark twisted fantasy how long is that to say question mark how unnecessary to utter all those words every time you say the name of this one album that is just another album some of the songs on this album are way too long this album is thirteen songs and over an hour long how unnecessary is that how much extra stuff just to make it seem huge was laid on here unnecessarily question mark my point is look at the review youre reading motherfucker she calls me motherfucker for long what a nice line my point is this is the smartest thing of all time to represent the major problem of the album i made a review doing this length thing to mirror the issue of the album you see this review and you go jesus that is massive that is really impressive but really this review isnt that great it just seems it wait for this review to be recognised as early contender for album of the decade and to be lauded unfairly christ on a bicycle i am a genius this is the greatest review ever written i mean thats some kendrick lamar gemini shit right there i wonder if anyone will understand what i even mean nevermind blame game is so boring and the weird switching from ear to ear what does that even mean what does it express other than just being sort of new and thats the thing because rap is so young and so separate to all other music its like its going through the same stuff rock music did when it began because can was doing shit like runaway and these weird vocals effects like fifty years ago but its special when kanye does it because its new for rap i dont really like the lyrics on this song but thats likely because i havent heard it that many times and grown to love it so i cant really criticise it for that wow whats with kanyes little poetry session on this song i feel like everything kanye says is just so fucking cocky and after his albums were getting less respected with graduation and eight oh eights on my beautiful dark twisted fantasy he tried to bring it back to that college dropout era with the self conscious message but he just doesnt have a self conscious bone in his body anymore he has no awareness he just does what he thinks is cool and everyone agrees but this whole ooh im so concerned and human thing doesnt fit him at all except real friends his new song actually pulls it off quite nicely if i do say so myself maybe swish will be really good by the way what does swish as an album name mean like there are album names like my beautiful dark twisted fantasy which are so good they dont need an explanation but swish is just like whaaaa i dont see it my favourite album name is probably ultraviolence just because a clockwork orange and lana del ray are probably polar opposites is john legend this guy singing i dont care what you have to say dude this stale beat and this stale ass chorus what is so legendary about this song quote i heard the whole thing whole thing whole thing quote oh my god baby you done took this shit to the motherfucking levelle wait a minute is kanye seriously trying to make us believe that he just overheard this conversation how does that even work how did he hear it on a phone what happened also why the fuck is he pointing out he heard this conversation about his ex so what i mean is she not allowed to fuck chris rock whats your problem yeezy whats so important about this and then quote yeezy taught me is this seriously just kanye trying to say he is good at fucking whatt the fuckkkk like he went through this whole deep down im self conscious and then yeah im really good at sex what the helllll i dont get it i really dont get it is he realising that his ex still cares about him or something goddamn i dunno also is this meant to be comedic i seriously hate the whole comedian thing of not very intimidating black guy yelling really loud i can just imagine chris rock right now saying really slowly and loudly the most basic things why do people laugh at that there is that other comedian that does it too whatever his name is actually the only comedian i really like is whats his name louis ck because he actually sounds like hes conversing and is really good at seeming like a funny guy to converse with no but seriously is this chris rock thing here for comedic purposes why is chris rock here what does it all mean or is it just like a drake thing where yeezy is giving in to the meme and making yeezy taught me a meme well it worked congratulations this elevator music stale beat going in the background is so weird too honestly this whole song is just bad i have no love for any of these last three songs i think they are shit why does chris rock have to keep saying pussy errrr he is not funny and he is not good at acting what is the point of this is chris rock just sucking yeezys dick for making this girl really hot what does it mean and chris rock just acts so stupid quote twista had this watch on i swear yeezy taught me to buy this watch that you dumbass men want so is that the real moral that all guys other than yeezy are dumb i do not get this song at all sorry for this rambling segment and then the most disingenous song on the album lost in the world kanye you arent fucking lost or if you are and you are feeling something i mean really feeling something then it aint apparent in this song the messages on this album i just dont understand at all also give up on the autotune it sounds way too overdone but thats me nitpicking at this point in the review ive sort of given up on structure because i have nothing good to say i hate all these late songs they are all bad and this beat i fucking hate this song but i have really not much else to say because at this point the album is just loving itself all over and not giving any fucks oh wait a second oh shit holy shit i just oh my god again this is seriously the greatest review ever and thats the thing earlier i doubted myself and i thought this review was shit and really it is haha i dont think anyone should read this but its genius because this review truly on the inside loves itself to bits like no matter how much doubt it faces from me this is the most self indulgent review on rate you music dot com no doubt about it and isnt that just like kanye wests two thousand and ten album my beautiful dark twisted fantasy it poses to say it hates itself and feels concern and everything but really kanye just loves so much that people can interpret this as real emotion and real anything thats the parralel between this review and the album ok ok off with how great this review is back to how middling this album is lost in the world is seriously just not a good song at all and this is the point where i cant even see how you would thing this was a good song like at least with other songs i dont like on here they have a quality that i can see as enrapturing and able to convince someone this was a stellar album but lost in the world just seems like in my humble opinion garbage and then the conclusion who will survive in america aka who will survive on rym because this album is a big deal here what is this song what is he even saying to be honest i dont even really care enough to look it up because it wont be that smart this album isnt even that smart it just seems like it i hate it i hate it allow me to ask who will survive in america when every single music publication is saying the same stuff about how this is grandiose and every rymer calls this the best rap album in ages and every friend who is into rap knows kanye is goat kanye is goat and i am the one who stands to say that this album is good in some ways but could be better in other ways overall three out of five question mark that rating isnt negative to me as i said earlier in this review i dont generally dislike any music at all for me anything above a one star is actually a great album with lots to love that i think has a lot of good stuff going for it but my beautiful dark twisted fantasy is in some ways a four star album but in others a firmly one star album so i rest upon three knowing that it will eternally be known as the score of the contrarian and the downrater who just doesnt get it and is deliberately trying to not enjoy the canon but i gotta say whats true to me and that is this album is not that fantastic what separates this review from this album unlike all the similarities ive pulled between them is that no matter how many times kanye acts it up and no matter how many of your reviews try to be real and no matter how many times you vote up the passionate descriptor this album does not have passion it has a few ideas that kanye thought would be cool and other people agreed and assumed it meant there was something more here but there really isnt there is nothing to your claims of quote great beats ten out of ten ill ask what is actually that fantastic about this in a way my passion that you do not possess is that i with a strong strong feeling do not think this album is all it is meant to be and i feel that with a passion stronger than i feel towards my opinion on any other album in the entire world and thats why i wrote what ten thousand words or something about it fuck i guess this isnt the longest review on rym because that guy wrote twelve thousand about napalm death or something but whatever it was fun and its time to let it go i didnt get as far as id hoped like i was originally thinking thirty thousand words at least so i could beat animal farm but this has been good and maybe ill do more like this in the future on good kid madd city maybe who knows ending review three out of five this album is sixty nine minutes long interpret that however you wish i had a dream that i was the singer for a band that kanye was working with and he talked with me for hours because he found me fascinating yes and he thought i was an incredible performer that he was privileged to meet yes and we had this show lined up where we would perform together live side by side and at one point with his wonderful ego and his wonderful lovable face kanye asked me a question like he really cared and he really knew that we were in one way equals and kanye asked the question what i thought of his album my beautiful dark twisted fantasy and i said three stars out of five yes and he said i thought as much yes and i said its nothing personal i still like gorgeous a lot yes and he said will you still listen to the new album and yes i said yes i will yes.
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This section is actually called About You, so here are the things you would notice if you met me:

1. I'm very tall.

2. Right now my only achievement is that I graduated at 98%.

3. All I want is to write this book. In the end, nothing else matters, and I hate this battle with my other basal wants between them fulfilling my need for distraction and their distraction from my need for fulfillment. It makes me sick. I spend far too much time on Youtube and RYM and every moment I am achingly aware of how little it matters and how great the cause for the death of my public persona and often unsuccessful attempts at interaction and often unsuccessful attempts at being "knowledgeable", is.

4. In one month I'll begin study at my small local university, living at home with my bored parents and taking Creative Writing and Advertising (painting a pretty pitiful picture, eh?). Advertising is mostly a back-up so that if I can't write this book at least I will have something to use my Writing degree for: Copywriting. I think it might be alright.

4b. I tested very well in Maths and Physics so it was everyone's expectation that I went to the big university and took the big course, and maybe I will in future. If my life don't work out I can only hope that that opportunity will still be available to me. Outside of this book, filling out tests is all I really have, you know? It's possible I can salvage this life post-novel.

4c. That's so long as I don't take drugs. I never have and I feel no caution to those who do nor pride, but I am sure I am the exact kind of person who could throw their life away, easy.

5. RYM can pose the question, "Does anyone actually go to parties?" and I actually do and I'm not bad awkward but right now I am totally over them. I got in with the cool group at school for which the unfortunate effect is I can never really "hang" with them, listen to records and watch movies and talk for times, they always need to skate or prank or fuck, so for the most part my way of having fun is pretending to have fun.

6. I'm super left-wing (in my country they call us lefties) because at it's core the need for human equality makes sense. To my young eyes the wealth gap is the source of almost every solvable issue on earth. There are many right-wingers I respect but I've never once respect their reasoning for being right-wing, whereas for as many ill-informed lefties there are out there there are just as many agreeable and insightful people. However, as much as human equality is what we need most, the only thing that actually makes me care, and I know this is just as deluded as all those 💀 lefties and people who only feel when the feel is presented with piano music and an old white lady talking, the only thing that actually makes me want to help is animal cruelty. :(.

7. A couple months ago I called myself definitely hetero but I think that's a product of bisexuality just not being an option in my area. It's not that I would necessarily be bullied, but most people just wouldn't understand the point. Here, you're gay or you're straight. Anyway, I won't say anything too personal, but I'm just now coming to terms with how separate my romantic feelings and my sexual impulses are.

8. I've been heavily exposed to 3 religions so far (Buddhist household, Christian school and mostly Baha'i friends) and am looking forward to being exposed to more. To me, religion is just a number of cool ideas, because I know that I can never really know, and don't know if I would ever want to say I know. Who knows? But I do love hearing new ideas.

9. RYM is the first time I am actually producing something online. I've never posted on Facebook, commented on Youtube or even typed in the chat of an online game. I've never made online friends before, so if I act weird and am going about it the entirely wrong way, don't be too off-put.

10. I might be the only one who is looking forward to the release of Sonemic more than almost any other event this year.


Also, About You in terms of tastes, because that's what this site is about:

1. I really know nothing about music.

2. When I was 14 and feeling the full force of "f you parents!" I started watching movies on my own. IMDBs top 250 was my only source of opinions and for all the hate it gets I honestly don't think it's a bad place to start.

3. Only recently did I find out that in actuality I just absolutely hate most movies, and it's the best feeling in the world, to see something for yourself and know why it sucks, for yourself. I don't need online opinions anymore (although, to be fair, my movie ratings are still heavily determined by what I read). It is great fun to be able to explain why you hate something with your own reasoning, and I never knew about that before.

4. Also recently did I start listening to the album, at first just what I found on Rolling Stones' end of year lists. For about 6 months TheNeedleDrop was absolute gospel on music until my cousin showed me RYM and now the charts and LimedIBagels are gospel.

5. Eventually I hope to find my own strong opinions on music, but as of right now everything (for the most part) just sounds good.

6. This I feel might be the only thing on this page no one can relate to: I feel absolutely nothing the first time I listen to an album. I cannot judge it whatsoever. I have zero idea why this is and why everyone else can so easily form opinions on first listen, but for me it goes in one ear and out the other and as long as I don't get bored of it I'll finish the album knowing no more about it. The weirdest part is how different the second listen is, when I almost happen upon wholly-formed opinions on the album. I like to rate after 4 listens - usually the point when I comprehensively know the song names.

7. I used to have such a perfect rating curve; you should have seen it, I mean, a perfect logistical approximation, a pyramid in structure and value, a shining beacon of the mathematical beauty in how we perceive and find gold in human interaction, relating to each-other in our appreciations and our displays of appreciations and, most of all, terribly conformist; I prefer it this way.



"A painting that says "your gay" in Papyrus, canvas size 80' by 40'." ~ mookid

"I like, I could cut my veins and spread the blood on the public, just for the show convenience on that Nothing Eva Happened song..And i never did really use drugs. It's just a casual easygoing type of behavior here." ~ Matoko

"Pop music is as good as ever, the artists are just way hotter." ~ Traviud

"I remember the first time I heard someone use the term 'meme' and I instantly felt very sad for reasons I couldn't articulate." ~ Patrique

"are these guys as stupid and immature and wrong and evil as I feel or is just me feeling angry because I like the album and they are such retards ?" ~ ...

"What's wrong with pedestrians? Only someone who is the result of the USA's gross car culture would use the world "pedestrian" as a criticism. I would have thought that someone from Montreal should know better, considering Montreal is one of the top three transit-dependent urban areas and cities in either USA or Canada (along with Toronto and NYC), and Canada having far higher transit ridership than USA in general (2.5 times higher rate of transit use). If "pedestrian" is such a bad thing, then Montreal is easily one of the worst cities in North America. Maybe you choose somewhere else to live." ~ dvd

"holy shit backpackers suck simultaneously i am trapped in 2005 and split the fuck out of hairs" ~ spiritof77

"LEt's get real, listening 2 music is like forcing people to touch your penis with their tiny parrot feet" ~ conciliator

"there should b an automatic ban everytime someone signs up on rym" ~ rdotelm

"girls just wanna have fun and move da booties that make your peen go hard and prog there is none of that so that explains it all chics don't listen to nerd music ya fucking virgn fools I hate you all motherfucker shit cunt die" ~ Suisfiner


Paraphrasing an especially profound exchange I had online with a friend who is not too friendly:

"I thought you liked Bjork, though?" I asked.
"I don't know. I don't remember things."
"Dude... why do anything, if you can't remember doing it?"
"I know."
"What do you mean?"
"No but tell me: what is your reason to wake up?"
"I'm not tired anymore."
"Like an animal?"
"Well I don't know why animals wake up, so how can I know? It is late and I'm gonna sleep know because I am tired."
"But why . . . do anything?"
"Hey. I have my reasons, and so do you."
"What are they?"
"Pfft I dunno but it's good."

Here's another great one:

Gonf: whatchu think
JynxBlue: so i am not interested at all in what im earing tbh


How well do you conform?
ss.rd,strm_relyear/2015, 2015
ss.rd,strm_relyear/2016, 2016
ss.rd.ed, Ever
ss.rd,strm_relyear/2010s, 2010s
Nakkinak (for links)
kabouter (for links)

I don't rate pre-1990.
I probably have more unpublished lists and favourited users than anyone else.


The Absolute Favourites of each Medium:
Neon Genesis Evangelion - The Age of Adz - Portishead - Golden Arrow - Yi Yi: A One and a Two [一一] - Shane Carruth - J. M. W. Turner - The Road [Cormac McCarthy] - Emily Dickinson - Dark Souls


I want life to sound like ambient music
I want my best friend to break up with his girlfriend so I could tell him he
But you would look at me funny

Rejection is the only true feeling
So avoid it at all costs

[This about me page will likely be purged every 3 months]


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  • Matoko 2016-06-23 18:12:46.488747+00
    ho sfidato il destino per la prima canzone,

    "ho lasciato gli amici, ho perduto l'amore.

    E quando penso che sia finita,

    è proprio allora che comincia la salita.

    Che fantastica storia è la vita.
    congratulazioni per storia pryma!
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    Grazie mile
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    you have to have less druqks
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  • uberschluh 2016-09-07 05:08:46.568144+00
    I hope you write that book you're planning on. Your reviews and lists are perfect, the words all read like a dream. Best of luck to you!
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  • 1Chops 2016-10-04 19:23:26.067515+00
    hey was it you that wanted to join RYM off-topic but couldn't because of the restrictions?

    cause off-topic may be deleted now but there's a new forum where all the same people hang out. i can send you a link if you want
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  • tschubidi 2017-01-15 20:21:24.02534+00
    Yo! I just tried to answer your question on the Inception-page, if you're interested. Have a nice day!
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