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So I won't be as active here anymore, or the internet in general. Without boring you with all the details, I've recently had my entire life changed and for the moment I'm unsure as to what could happen. I've fallen back into a dangerous cycle of depression, anxiety and addiction that I'm incapable of facing on my own. I apologise for the inconvenience, and lack of activity.

Note about my ratings, and reviews: In regards to both music and movies, 2.5 and below are not recommended. I warned you, proceed with caution. Generally albums rated 2.5 or lower I haven't bothered to listen to completely, and haven't captured my interest enough to care about. Also, occasionally I will decide to rate live/compilation albums. As far as my reviews go, take those with a grain of salt, obviously I'm not entirely serious when I decide to criticize/praise musical or cinematic content. If something you read on the internet offends you, congratulations, turn off your monitor and sob.

Ratings Deciphered

5.0: These albums/films are nothing short of perfection. I would even say these are the pinnacles of the genre/decade they belong to. Why aren't you listening to/watching these? Check them out immediately! Rating Range: 5.0-4.8

4.5: Very close to perfection. Albums/films with this rating may only have a minor amount of flaws preventing them from obtaining the “classic” status. Rating Range: 4.7-4.3

4.0: Close enough to perfection. These are still highly enjoyable. Most albums/films that I listen to/watch have at least this rating. Rating Range: 4.2-3.8

3.5: Albums/films that are still nonetheless recommended by me. I suppose you could refer to this my "above average" rating. While the albums/films listed are not incredible, they definitely are far from becoming a disaster. Rating Range: 3.7-3.3

3.0: These are the lowest rated albums/films that I would recommend. Still not bad, but only acceptable for a few listens/viewings. Most of my ratings will eventually fall into this category. Rating Range: 3.2-2.8

2.5: Well, these albums/films still aren't terrible, but still even less impressive than those with higher ratings. Some moments are flat-out bad, while the same amount are alright or even good. Rating Range: 2.7-2.3

2.0: There are albums/films still worse than this, and that's saying something. Some moments are good, though most are just bad. Rating Range: 2.2-1.8

1.5: Just bad albums/films. Hardly any redeeming factors at all, but the few that are present save these from receiving even lower ratings. Rating Range: 1.7-1.3

1.0: What exactly were the people involved thinking? Or was there no thought at all? These are indeed terrible, though there are still even worse albums/films than this. Rating Range: 1.2-0.8

0.5: The absolute worst albums/films I've ever even heard, or saw a portion of because who could honestly sit through the complete experience? It's like defecating on a stage, and spraying your audience with the remainder of your feces. It may be interesting (in the worst possible way), but it's still disgusting. Many of these repulse me with either attempting to be offensive, or are just so terrible that it becomes offensive. Though all of these are just soulless, and bland. Rating Range: 0.7-0.0 (with the majority of these earning the glorious rating of "0.0")

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