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Avalon Interactive

Game company
Virgin Games initially started in 1982 by Nick Alexander in London. It focused on computer games for the first few years of its existence and expanded by purchasing the struggling Mastertronic in 1988. The company was then renamed Virgin Mastertronic. In 1991 it was acquired by Sega and returned to the original name of Virgin Games. In 1993 the company was renamed to Virgin Interactive Entertainment, and bought by a multitude of investors like Hasbro, Blockbluster and The Branson Trust. In 1994 ownership changed again to Spelling Entertainment which was a subsidiary of Viacom. In 1998 the American division of Virgin Interactive was sold to Electronic Arts and a year later the European division was sold to Interplay Entertainment and Titus Software. In 2002 Titus Software acquired the European division of Interplay Entertainment which included the rest of Virgin Interactive's share. They later renamed the company Avalon Interactive in 2003, which would close down in 2005 due to Titus Software's bankruptcy.
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Parent companies
Also known as
  • Virgin Games Ltd. [1983-1988]
  • Virgin Mastertronic [1988-1991]
  • Virgin Games [1991-1993]
  • Virgin Interactive Entertainment [1993-2003]
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