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  • LovelessRain 2017-04-24 10:54:53.083042+00
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  • ConorFynes 2017-04-25 20:16:52.381772+00
    Hey, thanks a lot man! Also been a while since I last saw a Dark Archon! :D
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  • ConorFynes 2017-05-28 18:36:28.300553+00
    Hey, just letting you know that I got around to reviewing the new Ruins of Beverast. Really amazing record, eh?
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  • Meleric 2017-07-06 09:14:55.391083+00
    I bought it in Korean online shopping site 'Interpark' on 2014. Maybe I heard that Ophelia's album was sold out but I can't sure that it means in online or offline. (Or he misknew. I heard it Ophelia's official website :
    But Korean online shopping sites are still selling it so I think it means offline. (
    If you can use some of Korean, maybe you can use that online shopping sites.
    Or how about going to Synnara Records? It is Korean music album store and its online site is selling Ophelia's album. ( (also linked in above linked page.)

    Or...where are you in Korea? If you tell me where you in, maybe I can find offline stores near there that are selling their album.
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  • Meleric 2017-07-06 16:04:30.933913+00
    That's great. I thought your ratings are quite similar to mine too.

    If you don't mind, I'd like to share my ratings and see yours continuously.
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  • Meleric 2017-07-07 12:09:31.32348+00
    Actually I'm 18 years old in Korean age but here RYM doesn't support it.

    I have listened Metal and other genres of music since I was 13 years old.
    And I have used Metal Kingdom (Metal band's data storage&ratings site like Metal-Archives in Korea. My profile's personal site is my page of M.K.) since 2013 but only Metal artists are there. So I came here by recommendation of my friend.

    It is interesting for me to see that seeking Ophelia's album of foreign. I saw it for the first time. I'm glad to this because Ophelia's album is one of my favorite albums and my best album in Korean music.

    Glad to meet you! =)
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  • Meleric 2017-07-08 18:32:35.102801+00
    Oh, that's cool. In Korea, extremely few metalhead girls are here. I think you were lucky. Even using M.K...It's amazing.

    And my English ability, I learend it in private English academy for 4 years. (12~16 years old.) Before going there, I couldn't read even 'blue' until I was 12 years old. Frankly speaking, I learned it for getting into the university in my future. Korea wants people who are fluent in English fundamentally so I couldn't delay it no more.

    Anyway, there were many foreign teachers (native-speaking instructors) and they taught us with Korean teachers half and half. So I had a lot of everyday conversations in Eng. with them. Also, I took writing classes for essay, and it probably helped me to write Eng. fluently. And rather, words in Metal lyrics helped me..

    And yeah, I have listened Metal for 5 years. When I was 12 years old, I heard Boys Like Girls' 'The Great Escape' in TV (Starcraft pro league relay broadcasting. I liked S.C like you) and I fascinated in band music. I listend Pop Rock, Britpop, Pop Punk and Alternative waves in those days. And then one day, I was seeking female vocal bands and I encountered Nightwish and Arch Enemy. When I listened Nightwish firstly, I didn't recognize that they are Metal band, so I surprised after knowing it. Arch Enemy was a strong stimulus to me because of guitar riffs and melodies, not vocal. I hadn't listen so intense guitar sounds such as them. Though I don't like them now.

    Your opinion of Ophelia's July, yeah I entirely agree. At least it's one of the best parts on that album. I like Feb and Apr because those sounds really oriental. (exactly Korean) And Nov's composition is the best in album. If you understand Nov's lyrics, you'll admit it.

    I'm sorry for my late reply. I study everyday until about 23:00 at least.
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  • Meleric 2017-07-10 06:01:06.930571+00
    That's why I said Nov is the best composition on album. Let me explain it.

    Before the calm of 8:26, lyrics of part 8:02~8:25 are

    우리들은 손을 잡고
    소풍을 갔죠
    시원한 바람 아래
    뛰어 다녔죠
    끊임없는 웃음
    행복한 순간
    오늘은 여기까지
    꿈을 꾸어요

    It means

    Holding hands we went out
    Under the bracing breeze we ran about
    Endless laugh
    A moment of happiness
    Here comes the end of Dream, So long


    And the screaming part 8:30~9:39 before abrupt cut

    오늘은 꿈에서 깨어나야할 시간
    잔인한 아침의 햇살이 잠을 깨운다

    부정할 수 없는
    차가운 진실 앞에
    놓을 수 없는 파편에
    두 손 찔린다

    It means

    Now is the time to awake from the dream
    Cruel sunshine of the morning awakens me

    Facing this undeniable cold truth
    The fragment of the memories
    unable to be released pierces my hands

    And part of after cut 9:40

    같은 순간을
    보내는 이들
    서로 다른 꿈-

    같은 순간을
    보내는 이들
    서로 다른 꿈

    It means

    Despite sharing the same moment
    We dream differently-

    Despite sharing the same moment
    We dream differently
    Same moment, different dream

    This song means 0:00~9:40 is a 'Dream'. And 9:40~end means 'Reality' after slumber. Abrupt cut is expression of wakening. Also, 'Same moment, different dream' is full title of November.
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