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  • COSMIC_CADET 2017-06-29 11:03:33.360182+00
    Man, I could never get sick of Dougie, lmao. But yeah, I do hope there's a reunion at some point, hopefuly tying in with the return of Harry and Audrey too later down the line.

    Good shout on the atomic bomb causing a rift, but arguably that does indirectly lead to the creation of Bob, no? It's still essentially's man's fault, regardless. Then again we could both be completely wrong, lol. Didn't notice the similarity between the odd feminine creature and the card, though. A lot of people have pointed out that the creature could be the 'Mother' mentioned at the start of Part 3 and the thing that bursts out of the glass box. It certainly looks like it could be a younger, less damaged version of it. Perhaps Bob is aiming to return to it and take its place? Idk.

    The stuff I'm still completely lost on - and will probably be followed up on eventually - is Leland and Laura's appearances in the lodge in part 2. They seemingly played into Cooper being tricked into becoming Dougie, but at the same time I'm certain Lynch would find a way to bring them both back into it.

    I am slightly scared that we're never going to see Cooper again, lol.
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  • COSMIC_CADET 2017-06-29 11:23:43.834471+00
    Oh shit, I think you might be right about the bug creature being Bob, or maybe his evil essense or something like that. I never noticed it before but the 'Mother' spews out smaller eggs that look identical to the one that hatches in New Mexico.
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  • SneakyPiglet 2017-06-30 00:54:38.328114+00
    Quick note -- your Beautiful Thugger Girls review lists it as an 8/10 but you have it a .5/5 -- what's up with that? Doesn't seem to quite line up to me, even with your rating scale.
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  • COSMIC_CADET 2017-06-30 12:08:40.557067+00
    Perhaps the bugs are what make people like Sarah and Maddie have visions/premonitions, hence why there are more than one of them?

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  • ... 2017-07-02 22:02:04.353093+00
    How do you write so many long form reviews so often? Anyway, I dig your reviews. Keep up the grind.
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  • gageblvd 2017-07-05 05:17:41.059307+00
    Your comment on Guilty Party broke RYM lol
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  • Coldplaz 2017-07-08 02:48:21.704044+00
    "I wanted to dislike it cause of the score"
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  • COSMIC_CADET 2017-07-11 07:18:10.953592+00
    You are not gonna believe the new Tyler, the Creator album.
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