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Slice of life

Slice of life games focus on mundane, casual, and/or relaxing day-to-day activities or tasks rather than exciting action or heavy plot. The genre is typically relaxing or comfortable, providing a feeling of relatability to and escapism from the hectic everyday through atmosphere and texture over mechanics. Often, slice of life games may use their simplicity or minimalism of plot to impress complex emotions in the player.

Mechanically, conflict is minimal, easily avoided, or non-existent, and players are given a large amount of freedom to become immersed in the virtual world presented. Because of this, the mechanics of slice of life games often cross over with simulation games, graphic adventures, and, due to the popularity of the slice of life anime genre, visual novels.

While the style is generally considered niche due to their lack of action and slow pace, a few slice of life games have crossed into mainstream popularity, including Stardew Valley, and the Animal Crossing [どうぶつの森] and Story of Seasons [牧場物語] franchises.
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