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Graphic adventure

In contrast to interactive fiction which involves interacting with static images/video clips akin to other more traditional mediums such as film, novels or picture books, graphic adventures involve the extra addage of exploration (whether it be through first-person perspective or moving a third-person character with mouse clicks) and interaction with the environment through more pre-rendered environments.

Games are often story based and involve solving puzzles (such as in LucasArts' adventure games), though puzzles do not necessarily have to exist in graphic adventures games and some games simply exist for the purpose of exploration either within storytelling (as in games such as Heavy Rain or The Walking Dead) or within more abstract concepts (as in games such as Yume Nikki and LSD: Dream Emulator).

Although many modern graphic adventure games have much in common with action-adventure games, they are set apart by their lack of combat or by only featuring combat in a passive sense (such as through quick-time event sequences or defeating enemies through puzzle solving).
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