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if for some reason you still wanna talk to me, PM me and i'll give you my FB


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  • Vanarhost 2016-11-20 01:45:52.543412+00
    You're my favorite
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  • z00ted 2016-11-30 09:16:32.853785+00
    omg plz rate .... plz ... .
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  • z00ted 2016-11-30 21:03:37.186804+00
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  • z00ted 2016-11-30 22:06:08.120848+00
    it's RATE your

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  • z00ted 2016-11-30 22:06:27.197994+00
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  • z00ted 2016-11-30 22:09:33.405779+00
    why dont u want urself to is the question at hand
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  • z00ted 2016-11-30 23:03:43.526855+00
    yea i think we all go through that kinda stuff

    whenever i used to get like that i would think how much this site has contributed towards developing my taste in music / how much i would want to give back in an effort to help some1 else do the same. it wouldn't be as fun without the rating system - and i beat out the thoughts of it all being "pointless / waste of time" by thinking back on the portion of my life when i first discovered all of this, how exciting it was to constantly be thrown into so many albums with unique personalities, emotions, etc.

    it's much more difficult to find strong releases (subjective.. i generally just find more ppl with similar taste to mine to kinda give off a gist or vibe of what i prefer to invest time into) with no opinions/ratings attached to them y'know? also there was the idea that i kinda thought of the site as a game, not like with a clear winner or a loser .. but kinda in a competitive aspect of who can develop their own style or taste as distinctly or true to themselves as possible. that sounds dumb, but it's cool to me to watch ppl discover things that they 5 or love or whatever and then have it match up or be the epitome of what i'd imagine them as - then watch others flock to it w/ far different preferences or personalities and see how they react. just a constant tug/pull of new discoveries and responses. basing the time you invest in music off of just vibing or feeling out other's reception of it is cool to me, idk. it's as if i personally know a lot of ppl, a lot of u feel as tho ur close friends to me just through things we've vicariously connected on. then when we actually chat or meet up, it all aligns and makes complete sense. i feel like everyone's ratings are so much more important to this site on a whole than most people probably consider

    we all can put a microscope under a rating system within music and perceive what this site accomplishes as a whole in a lot of various ways. but for me, and the personal turmoil ups / downs i've been through within rating in general (been where you're at as well) i've come to hit a point where i feel as though it's all a game. and if i'm going to participate in it - (the same goes within anything i do), i want to enjoy it above all else. enjoy the game. pick it apart and re-examine it every now and then, but ultimately just enjoy it .. have fun. it's far easier to enjoy and grow / discover / branch out that way. be apart of it all, it's important to not only you - but the community as well. think back on the time when you had 0 ratings, fresh new user - how exciting it was to start developing it all. every time you log in like that. all the extra complications and bullshit isn't worth it. it'll hold you back when you're listening or discovering new things, even if you don't feel as though it is. you either stick on the site and participate, fully acknowledging how it affects your mentality / well-being + being happy with it, or you remain constantly in struggle .. not enjoying things to the fullest because your mind is on some stupid mundane shit that is more laughable than the concept of rating music on a site and going on with your day / improving your taste

    that's how i've been trying to approach the site lately at least

    tbh after saying all this i'll prolly close my comment box and delete my account in less than three days lmao jk (xXxrly not thoxXx ;-;) gl hf bro
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  • z00ted 2016-12-01 01:14:06.960729+00
    idk what i rly wrote lol but basically it's fun to have u here
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