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I rate in order not to forget about something interesting. I'm inconsistent and the particular grades are always subject to change ;) I'm perfectly aware of the fact, that I'm little biased toward some of the polish stuff which many of you never even heard of so the grades here may be slightly inflated.

I always seek for authenticity, genuineness, dedication and sincerity in music even if it doesn't actually cut the edge. I can't find real pleasure or even despise at times albums beeing overdone, calculated, masturbative, soulless or showing useless technical prowess only for the sake of it.

I don't exclude music on the base of beeing pop or catchy. On the contrary I think music beeing catchy is not a flaw or a disadvantage at all but actually it is a virtue and an advantage. That beeing said if an album has highly recognizable hits I am willing to give it 0,5 of a point more on my scale even if the rest of it is average.

The notes go as follow:
5,0 - I still hope I'll find something that will surpass everything I've ever heard before. As I get older this is less and less likely to happen, cause I don't get excited so easily ;)
4,5 - an album receiving this note is either recognized by my as an outstanding, mesmerizing, devastating and exceptionally good one or I think it is a very good album (thus it is actually 4,0) but it's very special for me as well for some reason, most likely I've been listening to it a lot at some point.
4,0 - good album in my opinion which means thoroughly quite good, plain good or even exceptionally good. Either musically interesting and/or innovative or energetic. When it comes to more mainstream release, comprising multiple national (home market) or worldwide hits one simply can't dismiss. Highly pleasurable, soothing or energizing for me. The one I can come back to many times without ever getting bored.
3,5 - A listenable album that gives you some sort of entertainment, definitely doesn't urge to turn it off, interesting in a way/at parts, or having 2-3 ecceptionally strong points, often simply inconsistent.
3,0 - Albums of this category don't offer anything special. They are tolerable in a way. They are neither good, nor bad. I believe most correct but average, generic albums will fall in this category. That category comprises albums that usually don't have any apparent highlights or hit songs.
2,5 - I find albums from this category not worth listen. They are either obviously below average, mediocre or even very bad. There can be some other reason ;)




  • Qwerty100 2016-11-22 21:27:04.552255+00
    I'll check out the Polish band, I anyway have interest in the Polish metal scene.
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  • Butterflyman 2017-02-02 10:08:33.79399+00
    Thanks for the add! =)
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  • El_Barto 2017-02-02 20:41:30.131641+00
    The pleasure is mine :)
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  • rod45 2017-03-13 17:50:32.587122+00
    Thanks for the add.
    Added you back.
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  • blueyedevil67 2017-03-17 22:26:25.186753+00
    thank you.
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