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Developer: Stress Level Zero Publisher: Stress Level Zero
29 September 2022
#176 for 2022
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2022 Stress Level Zero  
2022 Stress Level Zero  
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nmkolp Bonelab 2022-10-02T22:15:23Z
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  • NickShutter 2022-10-01 00:21:14.431214+00
    Yeah, it's telling that the negative reviews on Steam are well-articulated and the positive ones are all just saying "bone" and "boner" and "bone time"
    Might grab this if patches improve it and it gets more content but "Boneworks but with slightly more stuff that works slightly worse" isn't really something I want
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  • notreallywayne 2022-10-09 10:43:23.561301+00
    wooooow im glad i got this for free. im so disappointed by this.

    this is pretty much an extended tutorial mission
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  • Jaxijin 2022-10-10 05:10:34.266837+00
    Go kart level the first thing I've played in VR that made me wanna puke almost instantly.
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  • Jaxijin 2022-10-11 00:19:26.409939+00
    Yeah, can't say I was too blown away by this. I did appreciate the few quality of life additions from Boneworks (easier to climb since you can now grab ledges, press a button to eject empty gun cartridges, etc.) and still enjoyed the campaign levels that were like Boneworks. But the avatar training levels were really hit or miss. The moon base level in particular just felt like it was trolling the player with boring empty space and nothing to actually take advantage of the small avatar size. Dumb level that should've been heavily changed or cut entirely.

    Overall, it felt like a bad move to release a mod-reliant game where modding is integrated into the story... only to have an incomplete modding tool at launch and virtually nothing to mod with (wow, Duck Season avatars, how exciting). The surprise release date makes me wonder if they were pushed to get the game out before Facebook Connect on October 11.

    I guess pretty cool that they got this to run at all on Quest 2, but I predict a lot of non-PCVR owners will try this out after hearing all the acclaim over Boneworks, only to wonder what the fuss is about. Boneworks is just a significantly better game overall.
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  • babyclav 2022-11-10 01:11:17.933207+00
    shit game but the mods are fun and multiplayer mod is cool
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  • YungZami 2023-05-18 20:17:03.849087+00
    The game is lacking, but the mods make it so much better.
    Now with Fusion Multiplayer, I feel like Bonelab can lowkey be the GMOD of VR
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