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Ancient history

Ancient history is a period of time set between prehistorical age and medieval period age. The beginning of ancient history is marked by the development of writing. Due to the different evolution of the diverse ancient civilizations across the globe the start date differs from place to place and many ancient empires coexisted with proto-historic cultures. Among all the ancient civilizations, video games are mostly set in the most popular and known periods:

Ancient Egypt (c. 3100 BC-30 BC) localized around the Nile river in Northeast Africa. Games like Assassin’s Creed Origins are set in this period.

Ancient Greece (c. 800 BC-529 AD) localized in the Hellenic peninsula and close islands in South Europe with an expansion period that reached the Indian peninsula.

Ancient Rome (753 BC-476 AD) localized in the Italic peninsula and expanded through half of Europe. Rome: Total War is a representative game of this period.

Many others empires and civilizations flourished across the globe like the Middle East (Babylonia, Persia...), the Mediterranean (Carthago, Etruria...), East Asia (Ancient China, Ancient Japan...), South Asia (Maurya, Gupta...), America (Olmec, Zapotec...) and Africa (Nok...).
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