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Florian Decros

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"I'm not part of those people who see barriers in music. You can play rock'n'roll or bluegrass, or pop or some grunge from Seattle. And I can like all of that, as long as it's good. I don't see barriers, everything is music, good or bad" - The legendary Paul McCartney

"French rock is like English wine" - the closed minded, arrogant John Lennon

My favorite album : The Wall
My favorite song : Between Comfortably Numb and Bohemian Rhapsody

Spotify Playlist of my 100 favorite songs (one song per artist, some missing because absent of Spotify, like King Crimson or Prince) : link

My account : link

My 5 stars album

My 500 favorite albums


My RYM Ultimate Box Set contributions (10) :
French Progressive Rock
Video Game Music
French Pop
Film Score
ECM Style Jazz
Neoclassical Metal
French Punk
Raga Rock
Spiritual Jazz


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  • alternato 2017-05-20 13:02:27.150232+00
    Why do you add everything in your collection? No way you own all your ratings :s
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  • ShallowofDepth 2017-06-07 18:28:54.701377+00
    Hey buddy, nice quotes and section!
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  • Refinery 2017-06-12 22:54:51.690008+00
    nibba u are the most WOKE person on this website fuck the haters keep goin bruh
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  • jy7 2017-06-22 06:29:35.313579+00
    That's impressive, man! I wonder how much did it take to listen to those 11,000+ at last once.

    You have 7,258 rated albums; let's do some maths. For practical purposes, let's sforget about singles (because most songs are included in albums) and EPs (sometimes same reason plus you don't have that many rated). Let's say that the average album is around 40 minutes. That's around 202 FULL days listening to listen to albums at least one time.

    Let's say you listened to every album at least five times. That's 1,008 days.

    Then you probably have your favorite ones that you listened to a lot but let's forget about those.

    Let's say you listen to music 6 hours a day on average. That's 11 years.

    I love stats (I guess that's why I'm on RYM).

    Keep listening and making great lists, my friend. Cheers!
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  • jy7 2017-06-22 15:42:31.616055+00
    I spend a lot too but I listen like 20 times to the same album if I dig it.

    Yeah, I used ownership instead of ratings:

    Where do you see how many albums, EPs, etc, you have rated?
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  • jy7 2017-06-23 06:19:33.645439+00
    Thanks, man. So you add ",typs" at the end.

    I just saw it's typb (bootleg), typi (single), typd (dvd), typs (album) and type (EP).

    Lots of features here. Cheers.
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  • ForeverTreesGreen 2017-07-09 12:54:31.395352+00
    Same, honestly. I'm probably a bit more free-given of giving the 5 star track rating but not that often. 4.5 is usually the gold-standard, especially on first listen.
    I also respect that you're a user who rates a lot of albums as so there's so much out there, I can personally only get around to 10% of everything that interests me. I'd love to re-listen 10+ times to albums I loved but there's too much out there, I need to move on. I'm trying to get my unrated list down atm.
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  • ForeverTreesGreen 2017-07-09 13:06:19.488661+00
    yeah, it's nothing compared to your unrated list. Good luck with that too.
    I also like that The Wall is your favourite album, especially given how much hate it has on RYM. Don't you find it weird that it's a classic pretty much everywhere else but so many are vocally hating on it here?
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