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I am currently trying to review as much as I can as part of [List598497].

One day people will stop using "the most perfect" / "as perfect" in their reviews.

I'm not from the UK, but, since I'm here, I'm trying to collect various CDs from charity shops and online. Maybe even vinyl.

I'm also really lazy with ratings so the stuff on here is just a part of what I've listened to. My reviews are mostly dispensable.


5/10: I wouldn't dare change anything about it or it is an extremely fulfilling, inspiring and awe-inducing album about which I can't change my mind regarding its quality. Might not be perfect, but it's pretty damn near it. Most/all songs are amazing. Near-constant rotation of album or its songs. The sum is almost definitely greater than the parts. This is where there is the most bias since it's about personal attachment, although it's not necessary for me to fall head-over-heels for the album and listen to it obsessively. I recognize stellar pieces of work when I hear them. If any of the songs is a 3.0 or less, or anything that I'd feel compelled to skip every time, then the album can't qualify to be a 5

4.5/9: Very enjoyable, little mistakes, the sum is greater than the parts. Might not have certified classics, or it might, but it's hindered by songs that audibly aren't as good (though still highly enjoyable). Regular rotation of most/all of its songs. Excellent albums.

Because it's hard to differentiate between 4.5s and 5s, I've included some tags for those releases in order to give you a better idea about my thoughts regarding the albums

4/8: Great album which I can appreciate for its efforts, intentions and sound. The number of great songs outnumbers that of the less important ones. Highly enjoyable. Most of its songs are in rotation.

3.5/7: Pretty good album that I either like a lot or can appreciate for its artistic statement/intentions. Usually a good album with certain highlights or one that stays at a level I can appreciate for all/most of its run time. VERY rarely in rotation, mostly listen to individual standout tracks.

3/6: Decent album that manages to rise above average. Songs are good, some albums might have more than one highlight buried between uninteresting tracks, they're usually just decent albums. Only listen to individual tracks. You should check it out if you're curious or a fan.

2.5/5: Completely average with nothing interesting or of real value to offer, but it doesn't offend in any way. Usually runs its value after 2-3 listens, after which it becomes background music. If there are highlights, then I listen to them. Check it out if you're a fan only.

2/4: Below average, but not completely bad. MIGHT have highlights, usually not, will certainly listen to again when I want to make another opinion, if that's the case (it usually is). If this is your jam then go for it, otherwise...

1.5/3: I appreciate that they're trying, but not enough in order to make me come back in the future. Highly pretentious but failing/completely clueless. Wouldn't recommend at all.

1/2: Offends and triggers me, minimum/barely any effort put into it.

0.5/1: Completely useless trite devoid of any sort of value. Does this even exist?

Do remember please to look at the track ratings as well when available - those do more justice to the album than the overall grade

Of course, these are all my opinions. I am a strong believer in tastes, and an album's true value is shown by how many people, with whatever different tastes they have, can (greatly) (un)appreciate it. A few detractors or crazed fans don't dictate the importance of a release. But, on a personal note, tastes matter the most. Which means that you can like, or dislike, whatever you want and it won't make me mad, since those are your tastes. Just don't be an asshole/ignorant about your preferences.

All of the ratings I give these days are after at least three listens of the album. I often need time to get attuned to a certain type of music. I also need to discover all the subtleties and what not.

My obituary will show pictures of smokestacks.

Thanks for reading!




  • aerdna69 2016-03-15 14:06:16.618016+00
    Hey man, i'm glad you like my list! I saw you suggested me "And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out", well... I don't like titles that are long and complicate without a reason (in Italy we say "scioglilingua", melting-tongue), but maybe there's an interpretation for this title that i don''t know... anyway, i just saw yo la tengo discography, there are at least two albums that deserves a mention in my list! :
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  • BtC 2016-05-11 13:26:45.654463+00
    Ah shucks thanks man I really appreciate the kind words =)
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