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Over the last couple of years, Tool has been my absolute favorite band and nothing I knew could reach them. Since the beginning of 2011 and due to, I found a lot of new bands that I really love. I enjoy Cult of Luna, ISIS, Mastodon and Meshuggah as much as I love Tool and that means quite a bit to me because I would've never thought that anything could come even close to them.

Apart from these bands, I listen to different kinds of Metal, mainly Sludge and Progressive, but I explore other musical directions as well from time to time.

I try to rate honestly which means that even a lot of the music I love gets no perfect rating. There's hardly an album out there that's really flawless.

Ratings (mainly for movies):

5.0 - pure love, great art or entertainment that I will enjoy my whole lifetime
4.5 - slightly flawed masterpiece / massive guilty pleasure
4.0 - great movie with some important flaws / heavy guilty pleasure
3.5 - very good but with quite a few ups and downs / guilty pleasure
3.0 - a mixed bag but enjoyable / something that is really good for what it is but at the same time not really my thing / respect rather than viewing pleasure / guilty pleasure
2.5 - acceptable, tolerable but not really likeable / a strange mix of good and bad elements which remains somewhat watchable
2.0 - no hate but no positive feelings either / disinterest
1.5 - dislike / boredom / failure that at least tried to achieve something
1.0 - strong dislike / endless boredom / generic crap without any merit / weird, pretentious art that loves itself more than anything else
0.5 - untolerable annoyance / offensive stupidity / utter crap that calls itself art


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  • DWinch 2015-06-07 15:50:04.258118+00
    Dude Philip Seymour Hoffman in M:I 3?! Such a good bad guy.
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  • progressive_rock_siker 2016-10-07 18:08:29.342473+00
    This one may be meshuggah's best
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  • Nesquik 2016-11-25 03:34:54.049867+00
    Appreciate it! I'll check it out, though I wasn't super fond of the other Shade Empire album I heard (Sinthetic), though I can barely remember it and will need to listen to it as well to fix it's review.

    Haven't heard from you in a while, you all good?
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  • Nesquik 2016-11-25 18:42:12.968372+00
    I think listening to that much Meshuggah is bad for your health. Like, trying to follow along to the song with your head, you'll throw your neck out.

    And sure thing. Anything I listen to I listen to a few times before I review/give it it's final rating, so I won't be dismissing anything right away. I'll throw it on the end of my listening list once there's room.
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  • Nesquik 2017-03-07 18:30:37.51876+00
    That's a severely outdated review, so I'll let you know when I update it with my current thoughts on it
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  • mookid 2017-03-29 16:17:42.245265+00
    ever had Mr. Pibb?
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  • mookid 2017-04-10 13:50:06.700555+00
    it's like the rival brand Dr Pepper that tastes almost the same. I'm always into those kind of knockoffs
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  • Sheogorath 2017-05-17 21:36:37.980863+00
    The much-improved production lets the melodies come through. The rawness of N&N just causes the tracks to blur. it's not scary or anything. The Birthday Massacre at their best when they're full-on Pop.
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