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For accuracy reasons (or to keep things real), you must now


Anyway... I'm the girl living in the bluegrass country listening to new wave, post-punk and a disproportionate amount of British music, who drinks hot, unsweetened tea where everybody else drinks iced sweet tea... maybe because I'm from Glasgow, but not Scotland. A woman that plays video games, occasionally plays bass and loves to play Rockband drums. The cat lover where everyone else prefers dogs. Eating grilled chicken in the fried chicken state. The 'kid' in the retirees painting class. A half-sister, half-only child? Known as an unusually quiet American in online chats... and blessed with a surname that would simultaneously attract attention and lose credibility on a music website. I don't care where you're from, you have heard it before, that's all I'll say. Basically I'm used to not fitting in, but if you like me anyway that's cool.

Where else I am online: - My full profile. - Follow me on Spotify! - My old but updated deviantart account. Did I say I can draw? Well worth a look. - What I'm doing when not listening to music or drawing/painting/drums/bass. All my Playstation trophies. - My YouTube account, with playlists and random videos I've made.

I simply rate things based on how much I like them. I try to be fair, though most things are actually judged on a 1-4 star basis, saving other ratings for those extreme love/hate situations. As expected, more consistent and shorter albums are easier to get a feel for and I can rate them as an overall experience. Inconsistent or overly long albums are rated on a song basis and averaged to get the rating.

Incidentally, the rating numbers (1-5) are also proportional to the amount of times I want to listen to something at first before I rate it and move on. There is also a degree of blurriness between half-star ratings, things could go up or down depending on my mood, but whole star differences should be more clear. Generally 4's and up are recommended, 3 stars if you like the artist/genre, 2 stars and up are only for interested fans that will have to hear it anyway. Anything under 2 is just bad...
I last finished updating all my music ratings by Christmas 2014.

My rating system:

------------------3 Tiers of Greatness-----------------------------
***** - An album that may or may not be perfect but it worked together very well and made a strong impression on me. Basically to get to 5, it needs to do something different, impress me, excite me, be unique, or do what it does better than everything else (that I've heard).

****1/2 - This is mostly a 4 star that I love, never get tired of, or maybe it does have something special that makes me give it a higher rating. Mostly for my favorites and classics. As soon as I'm done with this, I'm either playing it again or listening to more from this band/artist.

**** - A great, solid album with a couple of bad tracks and/or filler, or a song that I love but it's just lacking something unique or special. Gets heavy play either way. I will definitely look into hearing more from this band/artist.

----------------------4 Tiers of Average--------------------------
***1/2 - Something about this stands out as being stronger than a 3 but it's not quite a 4... I'm still generally happy to hear it though. A 'great' average or almost-favorite, if you will. I'll come back to this and am interested in hearing more highlights from this band/artist's career.

*** - Good but average album, they may not stand out much but get the job done inoffensively. I liked them, but they're not gonna be one of my favorites. These still have their place though and are heard again even if I need to be in the mood for it. I may look into more from this band or person if I think of it or it is recommended.

**1/2 - Varying degrees of indifference here. I'm not saying this is bad, but it is likely very average, generic, doesn't impress me, a mixed bag of good and bad, or leaves me feeling bored. Also possibly good music that doesn't appeal to me. The general rule of what gets a 2.5 is something listenable, but not interesting enough to seek out again. Take it or leave it - may be of interest to fans of the artist/genre, but take the highlights and leave the rest.

** - This is definitely mixed territory - a singles album with more filler than hits, a song that's missing something, or music that has aged very badly. Like a good songwriter that can't sing, the music is good at least sometimes but there is obviously something holding it back as well. Overall this is just below average, nothing great or important but worth hearing to get the highlights.

------------------------3 Tiers of Bad------------------------------
*1/2 - I get it, you tried to make music but have no talent and failed. Things are annoying but it likely only causes a sigh or groan if I have to sit through it. I'll admit it is music, just very weak music - likely now with mediocre songs and very little talent or effort. There may only be one or two songs worth hearing in this mess. Usually avoided.

* - There is hardly anything redeeming about this - I only remember it for being bad (including the band/artist). Likely causes cringes, eye rolling and/or unintentional laughter. Bad music still serves a purpose right? It reminds us to appreciate good music.

1/2 - This is shockingly bad, to the point it is painful to listen to. Likely to cause a 'holy shit' reaction, and literally mean it as well. I hate everything about this. Simply put, this is NOT handed out lightly. Some people say no music is truly this bad. I say they have not heard Dot Dot Curve :).
I made this account to rate and add music, I won't be bothering with films or movies unless they are somehow about music or made by bands/artists. The ratings for those is just whatever I felt like at the time, and shouldn't be taken seriously.

Why do I not write more reviews? Most of the time I honestly just don't have much to say. If something does bring certain thoughts to mind and no one has said anything similar, I may go for it. Other than that, I've gotten tired of reading too many positive (or even negative) reviews of something only to find later that I couldn't agree with or relate to the review at all. Music is entirely audible and must be heard to be understood - which is hard to communicate through a review... at least without referencing lots of other artists.

I welcome new friends and will add you back! As long you don't have a totally blank profile or anything, I do have some standards.


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  • ForeverTreesGreen 2014-08-09 10:16:33.054551+00
    I picked up Preservation Act 1 recently as the beginning of my plunge into obscure Kinks. Underrated, but I can understand the hate it gets.
    Otherwise, nothing too interesting. That Turquoise album does look interesting, thanks for the rec. Need more obscure stuff in my collection (from obscure bands).
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  • Once_a_Warrior 2014-10-15 16:16:52.482912+00
    Really liked your bassist list. We have similar sensibilities on how the bass should serve the song. A *little* surprised not to see Tina Weymouth. The most elegant bassline of all time might be: Once in a Lifetime (basically two notes, with amazing spacing).
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  • flyingwill 2014-10-17 16:04:39.196874+00
    Really like your drawings on your tumblr.
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  • COSMIC_CADET 2014-11-24 11:20:02.520955+00
    No problem~
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  • thankyoubranch 2015-07-28 16:11:31.280319+00
    Huh, your ratings system isn't too far from my own, really.
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  • Kopter 2015-09-18 14:18:49.264367+00
    No problem ;) Glad to see Griggs and Moulding in your favorite bassists list, I'm a huge fan of their respective bands as well.
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  • Kopter 2015-09-18 22:03:05.203611+00
    Thanks for the interesting piece of information, I'll definitely consider the purchase - looks like a deal.
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  • sundazed 2016-09-04 22:01:12.662788+00
    Hope you like the recs I sent.Looks like it`s been awhile since I last sent you any
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