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Hello, stranger! Thanks for clicking on my profile, I hope you enjoy your stay! I'm just your average dorky music nerd. I'm pretty introverted (I have AS, so this should explain most of my behaviour), but I like trying to step out of my comfort zone; if I send you a random comment or add you as a friend, then I'm just trying to show that I'd like to get to know you more.

My favourite conversational topics include: free/libre software, video games, nutrition, biology, LGBTQ+, and music (duh!). However, I am open to talking about most things. :D

Check out my best friend's music! :)


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  • CloverQ 2017-04-03 15:55:50.353792+00
    hey, we share the same first name ^-^
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  • Stallman 2017-04-04 13:45:41.926915+00
    I run Parabola, which is just Arch with a deblobbed, libre kernel
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  • mookid 2017-04-04 20:11:18.674525+00
    Back to School partially sucks because I recommend White Pony to anyone curious about Deftones or the notion that there's a good nu-metal album, and then it opens with that stupid forced rap sounding exactly like stereotypical nu-metal. I should give Follow the Leader another chance because that clip of Vernon Reid praising it on VH1 is still in my mind, from some countdown list show of 100 greatest hard rock bands or something, and Korn was on there which I thought was a joke as a teen but they had some respectable panelists praising them. System are the nu-metal band that I'll always love partially out of nostalgia. Crazy to think that Toxicity was the #1 album in the country when 9/11 happened, which was right around the time I started to be aware of them. So it was like holy shit I'm eleven and the world might be ending and there's this popular band who seem to know a lot about it.
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  • ... 2017-04-08 17:10:40.153993+00
    Howdy. I am okay. Caught up in the last year of college and barely have any time to pay attention to music and any of my other interests anymore. I apologize for not responding to your previous message, I kept postponing it to "later" and "later" became "never". I am horrible!! How have you been doing? And thank you, you seem super nice yourself as well.
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  • ... 2017-04-17 05:04:54.569274+00
    your taste makes me really nostalgic for my childhood

    it reminds me of much simpler times
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  • ... 2017-04-19 03:44:39.440927+00
    Thanks for the kind words. One thing I love about RYM is that by rating music and expressing your opinions you unknowingly partake in this sort of art project that you expand on every time you add a new rating, slowly building up your account until you've developed a distinct identity. User accounts can express a myriad of different emotions and preferences, giving off the essence of the person behind the screen. Yours radiates both a longing for the past and a great warmth. I return here often because your ratings really do remind me of my past- particularly growing up in the mid-2000s. I suppose that's just a product of being born at a similar time. But really, thank you, because this account truly does make me happy and I hope life for you is as warm as what I see here
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  • riskyfuel 2017-05-08 07:35:41.898822+00
    Hi there!

    Would you happen to have a rip of Pascals' "Live in Bremmen" bootleg? I cannot find it anywhere and was wondering where you heard yours.
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