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My 100 Favorite Works of Art (in Any Medium)

My Rating System (I'm using a custom rating system on the new sites and that won't support the little descriptions I currently have) [In-Progress]
5+ - The best of the best IMO. Still not flawless by any means, but this connected with me more than the vast majority of everything else that I've experienced in a medium.
5 - If I said that these works are "perfect", I'd be flat-out lying. But, then again, nothing really is. These are works that I just flat-out adore, regardless of flaws.
4.75 - Stupidly close to being something that I flat-out adore with every fiber of my being. Something about it is holding it back for me, though it's nothing major.
2.5 - Some people call this "average", I call it "mediocre".
2 - Subpar. It's not trash, but it's definitely not recommendable at all.
1.5 - Bad. This might have one or two redeemable elements in it at best, but they're not even close to being enough to make up for everything else.
1 - Pure trash. Only saved from getting the lowest rating possible by me not thinking "this is absolutely a 0.5".
0.5 - Fuck this shit.

^I need an hour-long version of this heavenly thing in my life.

Glitchwave (only linking this here due to it being separate for now, since it is part of RYM)
Goodreads (don't use this all that much, and I'll probably abandon it if we eventually get a RateYourBooks, but, well, I still use it)
I'm on Discord (which I personally prefer over Skype) as KingofSushi#1450.

Current Art/Entertainment-Related Goals
-Actually start truly taking a crack at my game backlog.
-Start amassing a larger physical music collection.
-Try to get more into film (because I'm somehow terrible at simply looking at a screen while sitting down for a couple of hours).

I was tagged as a possible vandalist on Wikipedia for bringing up the name change to Sonemic and mentioning Cinemos and Glitchwave in the article for RYM while providing sources and turned the creator of this site into a subject of waifu wars, AMA



I'm just some college studentpartial weebtrashMcDonald's employee who thinks he knows things about art, gives out way too many 3.0+ ratings to albums* (either I'm stupidly lucky or I have no standards), overuses emoticons for some reason (particularly :p and :/), and may or may not be kind of annoying. My main interests are video games (probably my favorite medium) and music. I also really enjoy film, animation, literature, and comics.

*and games as well, it seems. Looking at both my music ratings on here and my game ratings in the Glitchwave beta, I think that I'm slowly turning into IGN distribution-wise

Vidya-Related Notes
-If you want reviews that very heavily put a constant focus on technological aspects and mechanics, you're looking at the wrong person. I treat games like any other work in an art/entertainment medium, not like tech products. That's not to say that I won't give those aspects extensive-ish attention if I feel like it's necessary, but it's not my inherent focus.
-Also, I'm not rating expansions outside of cases like Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, where I personally disagree with it being marked as an expansion. If I have something to say about one, I'll mention it in my review of the base game.
-Feel free to recommend me anything, but please keep in mind that if it's for PC or a console/handheld that is not easily/at all emulatable for me (systems that I can emulate are listed below), there's a 99% chance that it will take me a while to get around to it, as I tend to only buy games when they're discounted (e.g. Steam sales, bundles, used console games with low pricetags, etc.).
-To me, outside of certain technical factors (like framerate drops and crashes), video games are literally just as subjective as any other medium. Hell, opinions on whether or not certain technical factors even affect your opinion of a work is subjective.
-I am primarily a single-player-focused person. Unless a game is primarily based around multiplayer (such as Splatoon, Team Fortress 2, or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive), my ratings and reviews are focused entirely on single player content unless noted otherwise.
-Also, while this applies to other mediums as well, I feel like I should specifically point this out for games: To me, my own personal enjoyment (make of this word what you will, whether it be actual enjoyment, emotional impact, etc.) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> historical importance or how impressive something was back then.
-I am kind of displeased with the majority of the gaming community (or at least the vocal part of it). Whether it's the grouping of everything that isn't AAA that gets to be more relevant that AAA stuff as "flavor of the month", the even stricter following of the canon where criticising a critically acclaimed game is considered an even higher heresy than it is in music, film and literature, complaining about "the evil ess jay double-us" (BTW, if you actually do this, I'm pretty much guaranteed to stop taking you seriously), the higher chance of calling something with a slight hint of intelligence or emotion "pretentious bullshit" when compared to other mediums, there's just a whole lot of shit. I ignore them because the medium itself is that damn great in my eyes, though.
-Oh, and if you want to get into games but are worried about the cost: The cost of games these days is far cheaper than people say IMO. Steam sales and bundles seriously help with this, there's plenty of actually good freeware, and you don't even need a high-end PC to play most of the worthwhile stuff IMO.

Systems I Own: Wii U, 3DS, PS3, Xbox 360, PS2, GameCube (keeping this just because I want to keep my first console), N64
Systems I Emulate: Arcade, NES, SNES, Genesis/Mega Drive, Game Boy, PS1, Saturn, PS2 (only low-end stuff, though), GameCube, GBA, DS, PSP

Music-Related Notes
-The only singles that I will rate are non-album singles and album singles from albums that I have absolutely no intention of hearing (I don't like to waste my time on bad music, OK?). Nothing against rating album singles from albums that I've heard or plan to listen to, but I personally just don't want my ratings filled with them.
-"mate most of your low ratings are a bunch of pop songs why do you go for such low-hanging fruit" It's not like I'm not being honest about my opinions here. It's more of a coincidence that rarely anything outside of those get those kinds of ratings from me (though it also helps that I tend to not actively go after low-hanging fruit. A lot of those low ratings are for things I heard out in public). Maybe one day I'll get a string of IDM, indie rock, and free jazz albums I'll give 1.5s or lower, but that kind of thing hasn't happened yet.
-Also, in regards to a large portion of my ratings being 3.0s-4.0s: Yes, I do like a lot of what I listen to (or in regards to 3.0s, find to be alright enough). It's the 4.5s and 5.0s that are rarer for me.
-The tag "forced listening" is simply for stuff that I essentially heard thanks to people around me, whether it be during a car ride where the driver listened to it or some people just decided to blare it out loud from their iPhones in a location that I couldn't leave for whatever reason.
-There are three portions of the large amount of the unrated albums associated with my collection: The first is my current digital collection. The second is my wishlist. The third is whatever was in my old digital collection that I never got around to hearing before I lost the hard drive that said collection was on.

Other Things
-When Glitchwave properly launches in April, I'm most likely going to spend most of the time that I'll be on the RYM/Sonemic Network on that section, though I'll still be using RYM/Sonemic quite a bit as well. Don't expect me to be too active on Cinemos outside of rating, though.
-I don't have anything against superheroes. I do wish that people would calm down about them, though, if only so that it gets easier to find western comics that aren't related to them. :/
-Oh, and fuck the idea that "recency bias" exists. Yes, a recently released thing can get a hell of a lot of acclaim. That doesn't inherently mean that the acclaim has to do with it just simply being new (that's a pretty damn stupid reason to praise something IMO).
-I deliberately refer to all memes as "maymays" to a) refer to something stupid with a stupid word and b) slightly annoy people who don't read this note.
-Fuck discrimination.
-My bucket list includes the following: Own a bunch of cats.
-You'll never save Prince Horace. King Dragon sends his regards.


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  • ... 2017-06-11 21:20:27.717882+00
    As do I, but the reason I'm able to fit in so much time to do stuff is by not sleeping as much as possible :P I usually get about 5 hours or so a day now, and I'm fine for the most part lol

    Cool! I've just sent you a request there x3
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  • IanPaiva15 2017-06-19 14:36:04.729502+00
    Hello. How are you doing? What are you listening to?
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  • IanPaiva15 2017-06-20 17:47:59.795963+00
    Good choice! Surely a phenomenal album. I prefer All We Love We Leave Behind a little bit, but Jane Doe is undeniably a great classic.

    I wish you the best! :)
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  • GonzoLewd 2017-06-20 18:25:10.864789+00
    ^ 3 ^
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  • ... 2017-06-26 00:14:48.207465+00
    Yo. What are you playing? Have you already started NieR: Automata? I'm curious about your thoughts on it, considering you're such a big fan of the original one.
    • More replies New replies ) Loading...
  • ... 2017-06-28 02:40:43.08009+00
    Yeah hehe, I had to rush through this game before the end of this month because of the whole thing with me trying to reduce my screen time for the coming weeks, but this game had me so thoroughly invested that I would have probably binge-played it either way.

    I really wonder if Automata will be able to touch or even overtake the original NieR for you, considering the high bar it has to surpass. I'm afraid I haven't played NieR (though I did watch Super Bunnyhop's recap video), so there are a lot of elements of Automata that had the advantage of being a novelty for me, while those same elements may not be that mind-blowing to you due to their familiarity. But we'll see. It's hard to talk about this stuff without spoiling anything, so I await the day you finish this game and report on it in your diary!
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  • ... 2017-07-08 05:34:50.068458+00
    Great review of NieR:Automata! I assume you reached all the main endings, which means I can now elaborate on my post below:

    One of the things I was referring to when I said "there are a lot of elements of Automata that had the advantage of being a novelty for me" was the whole thing with the save file deletion. I mean, holy shit, that really took me by surprise! I loved it though, the entirety of ending E is pretty much one of my favourite moments in gaming. I've heard that the original NieR does something similar with one of its endings, so you may have been suspecting for something like this to make it into Automata as well, but anyway... I'm glad to hear that you'd still put this alongside the original one!

    Also, it's funny that you bought a PS4 for Automata, while I'm going the opposite route: Automata really made me want to play the original NieR, so I finally bought a (used) PS3 the other day. And man, I can't believe there's a PSN sale on Japanese titles just after the Steam sale has ended. RIP WALLET IT WAS NICE KNOWING YOU ;_;
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  • CourtneyLovecraft 2022-09-09 14:35:05.870054+00
    I'm living in your walls oomfie
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