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I'm a record collector, drummer, and music enthusiast from the US. I always appreciate recommendations, and I look forward to talking music with other folks on RYM!


My Rating System Explained:

5.0 - An eternal favorite. An album with this score has made a profound impact on my listening habits and withstood the test of time. These are my "desert island discs".

4.5 - A stunning example of its genre, and a virtually perfect listen for my tastes. The only thing an album of this rating lacks is the indescribable feeling of transcendence that comes from an all-time favorite.

4.0 - A truly excellent album and a consistently rewarding listen. It may have some blemishes, but they are unimportant when examining the big picture.

3.5 - An enjoyable listen and a strong example of its genre. An album with this rating may lack a unique identity or may feature some noticeable flaws in my subjective view, but is still worth revisiting from time to time.

3.0 - "Middle of the road". An album with this rating doesn't really excite me, but still has many worthwhile traits. This may be a strong album in a style that doesn't personally grab me, or a mildly unengaging example of a genre that does.

2.5 - I can see the appeal, but something's missing. An album with this rating might be enjoyed by others, yet it fails to connect with my sensibilities.

2.0 - An album with this rating is a bit of a struggle to sit through, and does very little to grab my interest. There might be glimmers of promise, but they are drowned out by musical decisions that don't connect with me.

1.5 - This is a chore to sit through, and there is hardly anything that holds my interest for more than a fleeting moment.

1.0 - I don't recognize anything worth hearing in an album with this score. This is either not appealing to my tastes (at all) or is deeply, deeply flawed.

0.5 - Crunkcore.


I also have a YouTube channel where I focus on record collecting, so feel free to check that out here:

I'm currently in the process of deleting many of my reviews as they don't reflect my current opinions (or I just don't like how they were written). If you're curious, they're still available on MetalMusicArchives and ProgArchives.



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  • spencerrich 2017-04-12 19:02:04.190008+00
    Glad you like Incendiaries. Two of the ladies are now in a band called Motherfucker. Well worth seeing if they come your way.
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  • ... 2017-04-13 22:27:27.501292+00
    Thanks, bro. You Christian, too?
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  • smartpatrol 2017-04-14 15:08:02.868971+00
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  • ... 2017-04-14 18:02:54.355124+00
    I wouldn't say I'm "super religious" either. Fairly, maybe. No one can convince me God doesn't exist. But I rarely talk about religion or my beliefs. In this world, that leads to needlessly heated arguments. I'd rather try and improve myself before I preach to others.
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  • smartpatrol 2017-04-17 17:41:49.013554+00
    np thanks dude!
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  • ... 2017-04-17 19:18:08.345415+00
    I'm checking your punk ratings to see what you've heard.

    If you like experimentation, a good example of heavy experimentation would be the first three Wire albums, punk classics. These albums could also help you get into post-punk. As far as more light-hearted experimentation goes, go for The Clash. Start with the debut, then go to London Calling.

    One of the first examples of "art punk" that I ever loved was Marquee Moon by Television.

    And if you want further information on understanding Ramones, that's something I've recently discovered. It's not just "it influenced an entire genre so it's great" or "it's fun to wear a leather jacket and break stuff." My review goes into how the album itself is good from within it's construction and meaning, and how it uses it's repetition to reach a goal. You might want to read that after you get further into punk. For now, I think the best thing would be to make a list of the best punk albums you've heard with minor notes on your opinion. Punk is about energy. And I agree one should not let that be at the expense of other things that make a quality album, such as rhythm and vocals.

    You're highest punk ratings seeem to fall under the crossover thrash or deathgrind genres, so the absolute first hardcore/post-hardcore album you should hear after you read this is The Shape of Punk to Come by Refused, my personal favorite hardcore album.
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  • ... 2017-04-17 19:19:40.183134+00
    Oh! I forgot. If you want more melodic punk, go for some melodic hardcore such as Bad Religion or Propaghandi. You may also be partial to the metalcore band Converge.
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  • ... 2017-04-18 16:45:37.257767+00
    I forgot... if I mentioned any albums you've heard already buit haven't rated (so I wouldn't have known about them in your ratings), let me know. I can find other recommendations.
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