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Privacy Policy

[Last updated: June 7, 2016 (updated list of advertisers)]

Sonemic considers privacy to be a very important issue. Please read the privacy policy below to learn how we treat personally identifiable information.

Definitions of Terms:

The term "user" in this privacy policy refers to all people that access this web site, whether they are registered or not. The term "registered user" refers only to users who have registered to use this service.

The term "Sonemic" in this document refers to the access and use of any site or application operated by Sonemic, Inc. that is part of the Sonemic network.

This network includes the following sites (and associated mobile apps):

Sonemic (
Cinemos (
Glitchwave (

The term "Sonemic, Inc." refers to the company which owns and operates the Sonemic network. Sonemic, Inc. is a corporation registered in Washington State, located at 1700 7th Ave, Ste 116 PMB 137, Seattle, Washington, USA.

COPPA Policy:

To comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998, Sonemic will not allow registration of users under the age of 13 and will delete such profiles when reported.

Information collected based on explicit user action:

Upon registration, Sonemic asks users who would like to register, and are over 13 years of age, to fill out a profile. The profile is an optional step of registration, and all of the information entered in the profile can be seen by other users of the site (with the exception of the registered user's e-mail address, which can be optionally shown). The registered user can see what information is publicly visible by logging out of the site and visiting his/her profile. Explicit public actions by the user (such as rating or reviewing an album or creating a list) are published to the site and publicly visible. Private actions (such as adding a user privately or sending a private message) are not publicly visible.

What we do with this information:

Sonemic allows users to provide this personal information so that the other users can learn more about them, and so we can tailor features of the site based on the registered user's personal info (for example, the site could automatically display upcoming concerts based on the info entered in the "location" field).

Sonemic's policy is to never e-mail users unless they specifically ask to receive notifications of private messages or have lost their password. The default setting is to never send e-mail to users for any reason.

Sonemic does not and will not sell information about you to third parties. If Sonemic provides a link to another web site, and that web site asks for personally identifyable information, this information is not shared with Sonemic.

Third-party privacy:

Sonemic contains advertising by the companies listed below - and the display and tracking of these advertisements is bound by the respective privacy policies of those companies.

Sonemic also contains traffic analysis by Google Analytics and Quantcast analytics.

The privacy policies of the above-mentioned companies can be found here:


Finally, Sonemic contains links to third-party websites, including affiliate sites. Sonemic is not responsible for the content and privacy of the linked websites.

Other types of information collected:

Sonemic uses cookies. We use cookies as part of the login process, so that users can stay logged in, to store certain preferences (such as the sort order of reviews), and in some cases to prevent site abuse.

Sonemic uses geolocation to enhance certain features and/or advertisements. For example, we may only show ads for to French users, and may pre-enter the user's city and country in a concert search form.

Sonemic's web servers collect the IP address, page requested, user-agent, and referral page, and other information in CLF format. This information is used to debug site issues, and to investigate site abuse. In cases where someone is attempting to circumvent bans placed on their account, breaking the terms of service, or otherwise disrupting the site, we reserve the right to use all collected information to attempt to prevent the person from continuing to abuse the service. CLF logs are deleted regularly (usually after four months).

A limited amount of information (such as a user's IP address information and last time of access) is shared with the site's volunteer administration team so that they can work to prevent site abuse. A much more limited set of information is shared with the volunteer community moderation team for the same reason. Neither administrators nor community moderators have the ability to view the site's access (CLF) logs.

We will comply with all federal, state, and local laws if asked to give personal information to legal authorities. The Sonemic servers are located in Seattle, WA, USA.

We do not share the information gathered from cookies, ip addresses, referrals, or pages requested with third-parties.

Changes to this Privacy Policy:

If Sonemic makes any changes to this privacy policy, a notice will appear on the front page of our web site.

Questions or Suggestions:

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, or would like to make a suggestion, you can contact the site administration here.

Certain pages on the site include content from YouTube. Usage of this content is subject to the Google Privacy Policy.

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