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Wargames are strategy games which are influenced by traditional wargaming board games and take place on real-world maps aiming to simulate real-world historical conflicts. Wargames often focus on having large numbers of armies or groups or units and moving them across the map. While maintaining logistics and supply lines is also often a very important aspect of the strategic play. Wargames traditionally often took place on gridded maps, although this is not necessarily true in more recent times as movement measurements or un-gridded provinces have also become popular.

Combat in wargames will vary depending on the different historic eras the games are based, however land, air and sea units may all be simulated in a wargame (and wargames which specifically only simulate land, air or naval aspects of wars also exist). The maps that are played on include various terrains that players can work around and use for strategic play, like mountains and bodies of water; games are also normally presented in an overhead or isometric view.
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23 mar 2015
8 apr - 12 may 2015
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