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Survival games are games in which the player is placed in a singular, perpetual world and has the sole goal of surviving as long as possible by constantly gathering and crafting resources to replenish perpetually decreasing or increasing mechanics. The most common example of this is constantly trying to find or create food to briefly decrease a continuously increasing hunger mechanic. In some games several of these mechanics work against each other (for example eating a green-cap mushroom in Don't Starve will stave off hunger for a while, but also decrease the character's sanity) and the player constantly has to balance these to stay alive. Players also often have to scavenge for resources to create shelter and to defend themselves against others or AI enemies.

The genre was heavily influenced by Minecraft (though there were survival games before this) and became popular in the PC market in the early-2010s following the success of games such as DayZ, The Forest and Don't Starve.

The genre is closely related to survival horror in terms of the importance of resource management, however survival horror games involve driven goals, usually contain solving puzzles, fighting or running through enemies and traversing through "levels" in an attempt to complete the game. In survival horror games resources are also there to help the player and there are not constantly depleting resource systems which they player must constantly replenish to stay alive. Though, for instance, the player may need batteries to keep a light source constant, but losing that light source for a great amount of time will not cause the player to die and end the game.

Whereas survival games tend to involve a single, usually vast, non-linear, wild or war-torn environments, usually have no "completion" state (or else end after a certain number of days regardless of what else the player has done) and are built around trying to top up one or several depleting mechanics.
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