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Roguelike deckbuilder

Roguelike deckbuilder games builds on the foundation of deckbuilder games such as Ascension and Star Realms and combines it with roguelite elements such as permanent death. The player starts off with a set amount of basic cards and as they win battles against enemies, they get to choose more cards that are added to their deck. In general the player will not restore HP in between battles and is a test of endurance to complete a full run.

Coin Crypt and Dream Quest are credited as the first games of the genre, but it's with the success of Slay the Spire that the genre gained attention. Shortly after many developers started making their own roguelike deckbuilder games. Despite the name using roguelike, it has little to do with the classic turn based RPG games and much more akin to the hybrid roguelite with permanent unlocks on future runs.
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23 mar 2015
8 apr - 12 may 2015
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