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Orb shooter

A style of tile-matching game in which the player must shoot colored orbs at a moving row filled with other orbs and match the colors together, thus eliminating the connecting orbs from play. The player must eliminate all of the orbs in the row before they reach the end of the line they move along causing a game over. Some games have the orbs come in from one side of the screen en masse instead of in a continuous line.

The 1989 arcade game Plotting is regarded as a precursor to the genre, but it got its most sigificant start with the Japanese Playstation title Puzz Loop, and subsequently gained popularity abroad in the 2000s with the games Zuma and Luxor.
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Also known as
  • ball shooter
  • bubble shooter
  • Puzz Loop clone
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23 mar 2015
8 apr - 12 may 2015
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