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Movement shooter

Movement shooters are a type of shooter which heavily prioritizes mobility and reaction speed over realism. Games under this label feature movement-focused mechanics such as rocket jumping, bunny hopping, grappling hooks, or parkour-style wall-running and vaulting.

The movement shooter has its roots in retro FPSes and arena shooters like Quake and Unreal Tournament, which popularized many of the initial mechanics of the genre such as rocket jumping (shooting a rocket at one's feet to gain a height boost) and bunny hopping (chaining together a series of jumps to build up speed). They initially saw a small wave of popularity among PC gamers in the late 1990s, and would go on to influence other shooters over the next decade and a half (particularly hero shooters such as Team Fortress 2 and Overwatch), but still remained relatively niche overall. Taking inspiration from 3D platformers and the movement mechanics of parkour games like Mirror's Edge, movement shooters would begin to grow in popularity again with 2016's Doom and Titanfall 2, and later with indie games such as ULTRAKILL.
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