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Military simulator is a tactical shooter that focuses more on realistic gunplay and movements. In contrast to Call of Duty and similar games, military simulators op for a much slower gameplay style. Some sessions take more than hours in games like Arma 3. Gunplay is usually made very punishing through bullet drop-off, realistic recoil, quicker time to kill, and no replenishing health. Players are usually encouraged to play as a team with various roles to choose from; the absence of some roles can cripple teams in games like Squad. Common HUD features such as the minimap, ammo count, incoming fire indicators, etc., are not displayed. Locations can be open world (Arma 3, Squad) or based inside buildings (Ground Branch, Zero Hour). Escape From Tarkov is one of the best recent examples of realistic indoor gunplay. Older examples of the genre as a whole include Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon and Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis.
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Also known as
  • military simulator
  • military sim
  • mil-sim
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