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Martial arts

Martial arts are a formal, structured traditions of combat and conditioning, often as an expression of ones culture and heritage, seen throughout the world.

Since the late 20th century, the term "martial arts" is commonly used as a colloquial short-hand, for modern martial arts, particularly Asian martial arts and its many offshoots.

Over time, it has also grown into a distinct pop-culture aesthetic, influence not only by martial arts, but other overlapping mediums, such as competitive combat sports, chinese opera, kabuki theater, film, tv, manga, and other media.

Video games with a martial arts theme are any game that predominately depicts martial arts or a martial arts influenced aesthetic, such as Mortal Kombat , Sifu, and Jade Empire, or an adaptation of other martial arts media, such as Jackie Chan Stuntmaster or Sleeping Dogs.
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  • fighting arts
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