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Light gun shooter

Light gun shooters are games that use light gun controllers aimed at the game screen. When aimed at the screen, the controller emits a crosshair that shows where the player is shooting. Games are normally made to be first-person so that the player can aim at any point on the screen. Light gun games often cross over into rail shooters where players have no control over their physical movements, moving from one point to another. When not presented as a rail shooter, light guns generally use single static screens where targets pop up at various points and test the player's reflex skills. Light gun games don't always have to use the light gun controller, as the directional stick/pad on a regular controller can be used to control the crosshair.

Popular rail-based light gun shooters include House of the Dead, Time Crisis, and Virtua Cop, while static light guns include Duck Hunt and Shooting Gallery.
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  • light gun
  • gun game
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