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Interactive movie

Interactive movies are adventure games that use either animated or live action full-motion video. Gameplay is normally progressed through the selection of dialogue or action choices and players rarely, if ever, get to actually control the movement of characters.

Interactive movies have often blurred the lines between video games and films due to the limited interactivity of the player, and the first interactive movie, Kinoautomat: One Man and His House [Kinoautomat Člověk a jeho dům], was made five years before the first commercial video game console became available in 1972. Interactive movie as a video game genre got its start with the invention of the laser disc which allowed non-linear and random access video play. The first commercially successful game was Don Bluth's Dragon's Lair in 1983. Since then, however, interactive movie has become a very niche genre with very few games reaching any great popularity, although titles such as The Dark Eye and The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery in particular received great acclaim.
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