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Based on the popular children's game in which players are divided into hiders that conceal themselves in a set environment and seekers that try to find hiders. It's a genre often included in minigames within bigger games but can also be what an entire game is based around.

There can be a variety of styles of this play type where the winning condition is not just based on finding a player or hiding until round is over. Oftentimes the mechanic of tagging someone in a chase is involved.

One of the most popular variations is prop hunt, where players can take the form of an object within the environment.

Also, many asymmetrical horror games blend horror elements with hide-and-seek where the seeker's main goal is to eliminate by killing hiders.
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Also known as
  • hide and seek
  • hide & seek
  • hide n seek
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23 mar 2015
8 apr - 12 may 2015
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