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Fumblecore is a genre that is centered around controlling a character in a manner that is purposely opposed to traditional and refined movement. Oftentimes ragdoll physics, floaty controls, inconsistencies, and other absurd environmental hazards make the simple mechanic of precise movement as a goal within itself in a fumblecore game. The very act of getting to one location from the next is a battle of physics as normal player agency is disempowered. This genre has gained popularity through games such as QWOP, Octodad: Dadliest Catch, Mount Your Friends, and Surgeon Simulator 2013.

The genre oftentimes overlaps with physics puzzle games and comical anti takes of simulation games. Human: Fall Flat, Goat Simulator, Hand Simulator, Ampu-Tea, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, Gang Beasts, and Fight Crab are other games that have explored the genre. Fumblecore games have gained a lot of popularity through gaming entertainers such as streamers and content creators due to the inherent nature of the genre which causes frustration on the player.
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  • awkward physics
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