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Combat sports

Combat sports are a general term for various types of competitive contact sports, typically based around a specific fighting system, set of rules combatants must follow, and often officiated by a referee and judges who decide on the outcome of a fight.

Combat sports often have a shared pedigree with martial arts, especially as modern east asian martial arts develop and became increasing popular throughout the globe, with people often practicing in both. Although they are separate, the close proximity of both has lead many to colloquially refer to combat sports as martial arts as well.

Unlike games with either a non-descript or unrealistic fighting style, as seen in many beat 'em up or anime fighter games, combat sports specifically incorporates one of more types of fighting styles. Specific combat sports or "martial arts" should either be directly referenced or represented in on-screen combat, and at least loosely imitate the rules of its respective sport.
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  • fighting sports
  • fighting systems
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