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Yume 2kki


Developer / Publisher:
26 May 2007
Yume 2kki [ゆめ2っき] - cover art
Glitchwave rating
4.23 / 5.0
304 Ratings /
#64 All-time
#3 for 2007
A fanmade sequel to Yume Nikki (2004), this game follows a young girl Urotsuki’s exploration of her own dreams. The game is open for anyone to contribute to the vast array of subconscious worlds the game has to offer.
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Kremling98 ゆめ2っき 2024-02-29T23:46:56Z
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glorymdr ゆめ2っき 2024-02-29T17:17:31Z
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MidnightPrincess ゆめ2っき 2024-02-27T12:35:15Z
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Helyion ゆめ2っき 2024-02-24T13:11:46Z
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grass25 ゆめ2っき 2024-02-24T05:42:47Z
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UnderTheUnderground ゆめ2っき 2024-02-23T20:46:40Z
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tinyos ゆめ2っき 2024-02-21T11:30:45Z
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Conductor5282 ゆめ2っき 2024-02-21T05:43:27Z
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ZachGM ゆめ2っき 2024-02-20T21:31:57Z
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bedworms ゆめ2っき 2024-02-17T07:04:29Z
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Kluwenblauw ゆめ2っき 2024-02-16T15:32:13Z
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lunae ゆめ2っき 2024-02-05T08:08:34Z
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Also known as
  • Yume 2kki
  • Dream Diary 2
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  • Fyaos 2023-06-15 10:25:11.785979+00
    New theory: Urotsuki was injured severely while working in construction, and is now unfortunately being constantly reminded of that faithful moment through her dreams that were meant to serve as escapism from that very same life altering event. This nightmare takes the form of Urotsuki constantly seeing signs, cones, and blockades that prevent her from progressing further and deeper into her dream world, just like how her injuries prevented her from progressing further on in her own life. This is excellent symbolism and is the real psychological horror element of the game at play. Urotsuki can't even leave her room due to her fear of falling lead pipes, and now cannot even find solace in her dreams, when that's all she had left. All Urotsuki had remaining was that she could only dream about what her life could have been. Much like how I can only dream about me not running into a "don't worry we'll add a warp here later" construction sign multiple times when I play this. It's all very unsettling.

    But seriously, it's merely the only gripe I have with this fantastic game - I only wish they'd finish up more of what they've already created more often.
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  • Muken 2023-09-06 20:49:16.863421+00
    I love 2kki and all but why is it above yume nikki
    • balcony_man 2023-09-08 20:37:54.550734+00
      cant speak for everyone but for me i prefer playing this bc it's so much more expansive & eclectic despite not being as cohesive a vision as yume nikki
      despite having played this for so long & having visited hundreds of worlds i still havent seen everything & likely never will
      which is something i really love about it, every time i come back to im able to visit new and interesting and somtimes beautiful worlds
      a lot easier to get sucked into
    • TheDavidLol 2023-09-09 17:41:35.307747+00
      To add on to this, 2kki just features really nice quality of life changes, additional features like a sound room and a more expansive game console, and really nice attention to detail in certain areas like how you see Urotsuki visually dismount from her bike when she sits down on a bench instead of the bike just disappearing. 2kki is everything an expansive sequel should be and it easily surpasses the original even in spite of how great and unique that game is.
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  • mesinging 2023-12-21 06:29:36.120945+00
    fun game
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  • Vaixen 2024-01-11 22:25:08.673713+00
    not as good as OG yume nikki imo but still a good game
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  • LoFortunato 2024-01-15 14:02:07.325281+00
    Listening to Velvet Underground and Nico while playing this gotta be one of the best experiences ever
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