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The Void


Developer: Ice-Pick Lodge
17 April 2008
The Void [Тургор] - cover art
Glitchwave rating
3.62 / 5.0
112 Ratings / 1 Reviews
#929 All-time
#31 for 2008
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Swieze_bulki Тургор 2024-04-03T21:49:09Z
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eliottstaten Тургор 2024-03-11T00:42:21Z
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bebe12345 Тургор 2024-03-07T14:07:36Z
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CaptainPlasma The Void 2024-02-24T19:57:23Z
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JJ155 Тургор 2024-02-22T23:09:49Z
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aselfcalledl Тургор 2024-02-22T01:37:23Z
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hyperhaxorus Тургор 2024-02-18T17:17:26Z
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Anomalous The Void 2024-02-17T15:37:39Z
Windows • GB
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ZachGM Тургор 2024-02-17T02:32:38Z
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jiux Тургор 2024-01-25T14:52:19Z
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GreenDe Тургор 2024-01-19T18:13:44Z
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around Тургор 2024-01-18T16:12:02Z
4 /10
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  • The Void
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  • warioman 2017-11-30 01:26:55.538378+00
    one of the most otherworldly experiences
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  • fade_away 2019-05-03 11:02:51.037507+00
    why does a game with such a godlike aesthetic have to be buried under such oppressive, ambiguous mechanics that i don't even have a tenth of the patience to deal with. ugh, i know its my hangup but its frustrating
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    • ... 2020-04-22 16:28:52.800944+00
      I've always found The Void easier but I guess the things it throws at you swerve you more off course than Pathologic and it took until my 3rd playthrough until I could get anywhere near the end of the game.

      That said, even though IPL are my favourite developer, their games are always going to be too deliberately obfuscated unclear to be for everyone. Plus games in general are always going to be a more individualistic experience than other mediums anyway as you aren't experiencing the same thing at the same time in the same way as other people, especially at survival games with perpetual time mechanics like this one. Tne player is going to feel like it's hopeless when another's on top of it even if they are at the same point in the game.

      And I got lucky getting into IPL at university when I had way more downtime, they're not such an easy developer to get into when you have a full-time job and a family or relationship given how much time dedication they're games take and how dipping your toe in now and again doesn't work so well with the type of games Pathologic and The Void are.

      If you want to experience the gameworld still though and don't feel like you want to learn the mechanics I'd definitely recommend CannibalK9's Let's Play. It's still probably the GOAT when it comes to Let's Plays given he has a really calm spoken manner and good analysis of the game without the gimmicky screaming etc. Let's Plays have. And his pastiches of The Void's poetic style on the openings of all of his videos still make me laugh. People who worked on the game have even commented on his videos saying how it's the best Lets Play they've ever seen of an IPL game and it even inspired the notorious The Beginner’s Guide to The Void article.

      I really should watch more Let's Plays as I like them in concept, but that one is the one I always go back to. Shame CannibaK9 never really did much else.
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  • jamboricks 2019-07-01 01:55:11.947459+00
    man I need to play this
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  • corduroyqueen 2021-05-07 22:50:31.387195+00
    my handwriting is shit and i suck at this game
    • hopeascendchaos 2021-09-11 03:16:19.320631+00
      drawing the signs accurately is like the most difficult part of this game lol
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  • morabelle 2023-10-04 13:28:19.477567+00
    i rly struggled at first too guys and had to start over a few times but pls stick with it if you play it, its one of the most beautiful and moving games ive ever played and you will get the hang of it eventually and have fun with it
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