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Octopath Traveler II

Developers: Square EnixAcquire Publisher: Square Enix
24 February 2023
Glitchwave rating
4.02 / 5.0
2 Ratings /
#1,758 All-time
#7 for 2023
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da__sein Octopath Traveler II 2023-03-24T20:18:42Z
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Rderoos Octopath Traveler II 2023-03-04T13:13:12Z
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FOLM Octopath Traveler II 2023-02-22T02:19:29Z
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played 35+ hours played in 2023 steam deck
DMCrimson Octopath Traveler II 2022-10-18T18:38:37Z
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  • Fowlawneeshafow 2023-02-17 11:13:44.935064+00
    lovely boxart

    early reviews sound really promising. The original had a lot of things going for it but I lost interest since the gameplay was good but not good enough to carry my lack of interest in the story. Apparently, this one actually does very well with the story and characters and improves on the first in every way. Wasn't planning on checking this one out this year, but now I might
    • diction 2023-02-18 02:15:37.994866+00
      Loved the first one but also didn't finish it. Had to grind a little bit and lost interest, but was already like 30-40 hours in.
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  • tphillips 2023-02-28 18:11:17.445856+00
    The writing and voice acting are so much better here. Agnea was really the only dud opener and her story still ended up being alright. I still like the first one a lot but this honestly stomps it, really fulfills the promise of the concept. I love Asano's work but this is pretty easily their best.
    • tphillips 2023-02-28 18:15:09.464407+00
      Partitio and Temenos in particular feel, at least to me, like iconic JRPG characters. Twink cleric Sherlock Holmes who playfully mocks god is an inspired concept.
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  • dontwannaknow 2023-03-02 02:21:44.556039+00
    why the hell is this 60 dollars
    • Fowlawneeshafow 2023-03-02 10:16:28.286076+00
      It's a high production 70-100 hour game from a AAA publisher with full voice acting made for modern consoles. Please don't tell me you saw a pixel-based art direction and your brain malfunctioned and immediately went to pc indie game pricing lol
    • Illogic93 2023-03-06 04:07:07.945421+00
      I'll take this over Valkyrie Elysium, Diofield Chronicle, Harvestella and Forspoken any day of the week.
    • Lamneth 2023-04-06 09:47:33.384315+00
      clearly a lot of people felt the same way because the game isn't selling well
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  • jpmouz 2023-03-06 01:57:53.078994+00
    a massive improvement, or more of the same? im hearing both somehow
    • Apple2k 2023-03-12 13:25:23.631237+00
      a massive improvement in most ways but I still feel it falls a little flat with its writing. i find most of the characters pretty uninteresting so far.
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