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Capcom Fighting Collection

Developer / Publisher: Capcom
24 June 2022
Capcom Fighting Collection - cover art
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5.00 / 5.0
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slib Capcom Fighting Collection 2022-07-20T17:04:31Z
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completed Infinite replayability
stubblejumper Capcom Fighting Collection 2022-06-28T18:44:42Z
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beautifulideachild Capcom Fighting Collection 2022-06-28T15:08:51Z
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daffyduk Capcom Fighting Collection 2022-06-22T18:09:58Z
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McBaker5 Capcom Fighting Collection 2022-06-21T23:32:46Z
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Sisu Capcom Fighting Collection 2022-06-18T07:36:56Z
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Anatomized Capcom Fighting Collection 2022-06-01T12:00:50Z
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lindsaylohansvocals Capcom Fighting Collection 2022-05-26T23:55:52Z
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Player modes
1-9 players


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  • bejesus 2022-03-22 05:18:37.713846+00
    Darkstalkers and the 5000th release of street fighter 2
    • slib 2022-07-20 17:06:24.087099+00
      this is the first home release of Hyper Street Fighter II since 2003 lol
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  • Fowlawneeshafow 2022-06-27 07:05:23.013881+00
    Producer Knxwledge did a ton of music for this and as per his standard its great. I've only heard the music, haven't played this, but it's some pretty fire capcom remixes
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  • Fowlawneeshafow 2022-06-27 07:27:21.206173+00
    Everything in this collection has online, with lobbies, rollback netcode, online ranked matches where you can queue multiple games at once, and training mode. Lead producer of this is also lead producer of SF6. I was watching MaxamillianDood play some, it looks like a pretty high effort collection.
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  • hopeascendchaos 2022-07-03 00:41:05.194108+00
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  • slib 2022-07-20 17:11:18.097142+00
    Only finished with half the games so far but I am absolutely blown away. First home release of many of the games here, ALL games have a training mode (even those that never did in their old console ports!) completely themed around them, online with rollback netcode for EVERY game instead of Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, unique banner art for every game instead of just using stock art of characters (many of which were not from the specific game you were playing), first releases of artwork that has been thought to have been lost in time, and the cherry on top: all perfect arcade emulation where you can choose the USA OR JPN version of each game when available!

    I don't want to rate this until I finish every game here but this blows Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection out of the fucking water. It's a very good sign for Street Fighter 6 that its in the hands of the people who put this collection together, they clearly care for and love fgs a lot.
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