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PlayStation Now

Released 13 January 2015 by Sony Interactive Entertainment
Gaming platform
PlayStation Now is a cloud gaming service from Sony Interactive Entertainment. For a monthly fee the user is able to stream games from the catalog of Sony platforms on selected devices. Initially launched in 2015 in North America, it has since expanded the service to several European countries and Japan. The platform worked on several devices (PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation TV, Sony Bravia Televisions, Sony Blu-ray players and select Samsung TV models) but on August 15, 2017 these devices were discontinued, making the service available only on PlayStation 4 and Windows.

On September 20, 2018, the option to download the games directly on the PlayStation 4 hard drive was added, allowing the users to play the games locally. This option is available only for the games from the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 4 catalog.
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