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Released January 2001
Gaming platform
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Doja is a custom version of the Java runtime created by the Japanese telecommunication company NTT DoCoMo. DoCoMo deployed DoJa on phones compatible with their i-mode network, which like the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) in Western markets, sought to bring various internet capabilites to feature phones.

DoJa was technically derived from J2ME, itself a subset of Java designed for mobile and home consumer devices, but DoJa added proprietary elements that make the platforms incompatible. While DoJa was made available in an "Overseas Edition," the vast majority of game titles on the platform were released for the Japanese market. Eventually DoCoMo replaced DoJa with Star as its preferred environment to create i-appli software for its i-mode phones. Star phones could play earlier DoJa titles in compatibility mode, but earlier devices which only supported DoJa can not play later Star games.

Any games lists as i-appli, DoJa or Star should be listed under this platform.
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Also known as
  • i-mode Java
  • iアプリ
  • i-appli
  • i-αppli
  • Star
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