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Telltale was an American game developer. Initially known for traditional point-and-click adventure games like Sam & Max Save the World, they found major success with The Walking Dead: Season One, a much more story-driven experience with a large focus on player choice. They then greatly expanded their operations, developing several episodic games simultaneously for various popular franchises such as Minecraft and Game of Thrones. This proved to be an overexpansion, leading to overwork among the employees, poor quality control and stifled creativity due to an overreliance on the previously successful Walking Dead formula. After a series of commercial failures and cancelled projects, Telltale closed in October 2018.

LGC Entertainment bought the name and publishing rights for some of Telltale's original catalog, now doing business as Telltale Games.
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jul 2004-oct 2018
Also known as
  • Telltale, Incorporated [2004-2018]
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23 mar 2015
8 apr - 12 may 2015
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