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Atari Games was created in 1984 after the original Atari company split into two: the arcade division would be Atari Games (still owned by Warner Communications) and the computer division would be Atari Corporation (owned by former Commodore founder Jack Tramiel). Warner sold the controlling interest of Atari Games to Namco in 1985 which was eventually bought by some of its employees in 1986.

Atari Games produced a number of successful arcade games like Marble Madness and Gauntlet. They also released a number of home console games through their subsidiary Tengen.

From the early 1990s, Atari Games started to struggle. They faced strong competition from companies like Capcom together with a shrinking market for arcade games. They additionally lost several copyright and patent lawsuits to Nintendo.

In 1993 Time Warner regained controlling interest of Atari Games and moved it under its Time Warner Interactive division, which also resulted in the dissolvement of the Tengen company. In 1996 Time Warner Interactive was sold to WMS Industries and moved Atari Games under Midway Games. In January 2000 Atari Games was renamed to Midway Games West to avoid confusion with Atari Interactive. In February 2003 Midway Games closed down Midway Games West following substantial financial losses.
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jul 1984-07 feb 2003
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