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International Superstar Soccer


International Superstar Soccer (known as Jikkyo World Soccer in Japan) is an association football franchise developed by Konami Computer Entertainment Osaka and published by Konami. The franchise debuted with International Superstar Soccer [実況ワールドサッカーパーフェクトイレブン] in 1994, with titles largely being published on Nintendo platforms. The franchise existed parallel to eFootball (Winning Eleven in Japan), another Konami association soccer franchise whose titles were released predominantly on Sony consoles during this period. In Europe, the franchise was rebooted between 2000-03 on the Nintendo GameCube, PlayStation 2 and Xbox despite PES' ongoing activity on the PS2. As of 2003, the franchise is considered to have concluded with Konami's focus now soley directed towards the Pro Evolution Soccer brand.

As Electronic Arts has carried the core FIFA license for several decades, fictional sports players and team names vaguely resembling those of FIFA have been used throughout the series when representing international teams. However, the European reboot in the early 2000s did have FIFPro licenses and PES has since developed a broad collection of international licenses. In addition, several alternative versions of Jikkyo World Soccer games were developed as Jikkyo J.League Perfect Striker [実況Jリーグパーフェクトストライカー], a franchise that replaces international elements with J.League [Jリーグ] leagues and branding.
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Also known as
  • International Superstar Soccer [English]
  • Jikkyo World Soccer
  • Jikkyō wārudosakkā [Japanese]
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